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We are in love with the DEWBU Heated pants with a fleece inner. They are super comfortable and crank out the heat. We loved these pants and think you will too. Deep Heat Gear is so happy to recommend them.


Read our full review here. 

Dewbu heated pants1.jpg
DEWBU Heated pants hunting.jpg

Ski and boarding season is just around the corner so if you suffer from cold feet out on the slopes a ski or snowboard boot warming system will take your day on the mountain to the next level. 

These heated insole systems are heavy duty and designed to be used in ski and snowboarding boots. They can also be transferred into your shoes or hiking boots once you leave the slopes. 

We took a look at the best boot heating systems available and found the best of the best. Check out our reviews and keep your feet to the heat this ski season.

iHood Heated Jacket Review

It's time for our annual iHood review, and this year we tested out their heated jacket and absolutely loved it. This heated jacket has a top temp of 158°F which ups the heat levels significantly. This is one you can buy with confidence. 


Click here to read the full review.

Tidwe Power Bank.webp

Power banks are the heart of heated clothing. They provide the power to keep the heat flowing and choosing the right one is important. Power banks come in a variety of sizes, capacities and with different ports to charge not only your heated gear but your phone and other electronics.

We took a long look at Power Banks, and these are the ones we like best. Read our reviews and buy with confidence.

Reusable hand warmers are a great way to keep your hands toasty while also helping the planet. These hand warmers can be used over and over and we found the best ones. Shop reusable hand warmers!

Keep your butt nice and warm while watching the big game. It doesn't matter if you are taking in a pro game or your local high school game, a cold butt is never fun. 

Heated Stadium Seats will keep you nice and toasty in the coldest of weather. Check out our favorites and keep your butt warm this fall!

Heated scarves are becoming more and more popular according to our search data. There have been numerous improvements over the last couple of years and heated scarves are now better than ever.  Check out our favorite heated scarves and stay toasty warm this winter. 

JoyTek Heated Scarf Resize.png
Volt Heated Scarf Resize.png
UTK Heated Scarf Resize.png
Qdreclod Heated Scarf Resize.png

Venustas Heated Down Jacket Review

I recently tested the Venustas Heated Down Jacket and absolutely loved it. It kept me warm in every situation I put it in and the heated pockets were a game changer. We are happy to wholeheartedly recommend this jacket.


Read our full review here. 

Venustas Jacket 2_edited.png
Venustas Coat.jpg

We were recently sent a DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket and loved it. The deep heated chest pockets made this jacket one of our favorites.

We are so very happy to recommend this jacket.


Read our full review here. 

We have been a little lax with our social media presence and we are looking to change that up. Follow us on Instagram, X (I still prefer Twitter as a name), and Facebook (coming soon).

We will be posting about products, contests, new reviews and savings on heated and cooling gear. Follow us now to stay up to date with Deep Heat Gear.

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We recently tested out a Kemimoto Classic Heated Jacket and Kemimoto Heated Socks and loved them both. The jacket is super comfy and warm, perfect for mild weather and we also discovered the joys of warm feet regardless of the weather. These socks were super comfy and kept my feet and calves nice and warm.


Read the Kemimoto Heated Jacket Review here 

Read the Kemimoto Heated Socks Review Here

Kemimoto Jacket1.jpg

Spring has sprung as have temperatures and they are only heading higher. We are moving into cooling gear season and have found the best personal neck fans available. Check out our reviews and find your perfect neck fan.

Riding season is certainly back as the temps have been heading up and the snow is pretty much gone.


We found some great heated motorcycle gear 

(we are looking at cooling gear soon) and wanted to share the best of the best. Check out our favorite 12-volt motorcycle gear:

We are an Amazon affiliate site,  we may earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. Deep Heat Gear only promotes products that we truly believe are the best of the best.

Our Most Popular Heated Accessories

Gobi Heated Camping Chair Blue Resize.png

We took a look at the best heated camping chairs available. Check out our reviews and get your butt in a nice warm (heated) seat.

UNP Heated Sleeping Bag.jpg

Want to keep the morning chill at bay when camping? A heated sleeping bag can be a game changer. Check out the best heated sleeping bags available.

Ocoopa Fast Charging Rechargeable Hand Warmer Resize.png

Hands always cold? Suffer from arthritis or Raynaud's? A rechargeable hand warmer can help. Check our reviews and buy with confidence. 

Our Most Popular Heated Clothing Categories

Venture Dual Control Heated Jacket Resize.png

We waded through all of the tests and heated jacket reviews so you don’t have to and have come up with a list of the best heated coats available.

Gobi Womens Heated Vest Resize.png

Want to keep the morning chill at bay when camping? A heated sleeping bag can be a game changer. Check out the best heated sleeping bags available.

Venture Heated Hoodie Resize.png

A heated hoodie serves as an excellent mid-layer under a coat in cold conditions or can simply be worn as your only piece of outwear in more mild conditions.

Sun Will Heated Hat Resize.jpg

A heated hat makes all of the difference when you are outside in cold temps all day. Check out the the best heated hats we could find.

Sky Genius Heated Gloves Resize.png

 Heated gloves allow you to take the warmth to the next level. They can make all the difference if you are skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, ice fishing or any other outdoor activity 

Snow Deer Heated Socks Resize.png

Keeping your feet warm helps keep the rest of your body nice and toasty. A pair of heated socks will make sure your toes stay warm regardless of the temperature outside.

Our Most Popular Blog Posts

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