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When Kemimoto sent us a pair of their Kemimoto heated socks to test out, they also sent one of their Classic Heated Jackets with a detachable hood. This jacket is super comfy and lightweight and has become my favorite coat for milder weather.


The Kemimoto heated jacket features four carbon fiber heat zones and can take the heat up to 149°F. You can control the heat zones independently which is a great feature, letting you customize your heat.


One of my favorite features of the Kemimoto heated jacket was the heated collar. It let me keep my neck and head warm in mild weather while keeping the rest of the jacket turned off. The fleece inner was another outstanding feature, it was extremely comfortable and kept me warm and dry in all situations.


This heated jacket fits great and is very lightweight making it the perfect heated coat for heading out at night, walking around the neighborhood, or working outside. It may be a bit lightweight for hours and hours out in the cold or for skiing, but it would be an excellent choice to slip on for Après Ski or wandering around a ski village


Kemimoto makes a wide variety of heated clothing, motorcycle, UTV, and ATV accessories. They are well-respected brand in the industry. Kemimoto also produces a variety of different heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves as well as heated pants, and other riding products.


Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Kemimoto heated jacket:

What is in the box?

The Kemi Moto heated jacket came boxed and very nicely packaged in a cleared sealed pouch. It includes the following:

  • 1 x Heated Jacket

  • 1 x 9600mAh Battery

  • 1 x Storage Bag

  • 1 x Manual

  • 1 x Power Bank

  • 1 x USB cable



The Specs


  • Battery/Power Bank: The Kemimoto jacket is powered by a 5V- 9600mAh power bank that comes with a charger. The battery has led readout that shows the percentage of battery life left. The battery also has a USB port so the power bank can be used to charge your phone or other electronics.


The battery powered up the jacket quickly and kept the heat flowing for hours. The power bank is slim and fit into the interior packet where it is stored easily. I never really noticed the weight of the power bank when I was wearing the jacket.

Kemimoto claims the batteries will keep the heat flowing for 7-8 hours on the lowest setting. I usually ran the jacket on high or medium and was regularly getting about 3-5 hours depending on the temperature I was using.

  • Heat coverage: The KEMIMOTO heated jacket uses 4 carbon fiber heating elements that heat up your core. There are heating elements on the left & and right chest, a large heating element on the back of the jacket as well as an element in the neck which is a lovely feature.

  • Temperature Control: The Kemimoto Heated jacket has separate controls for front and back heating areas so you can customize your heat. There are three temperature settings to choose from so you should be able to find you’re the perfect temp for your specific conditions. 


The Kemimoto can hit 149°F which is certainly enough to keep you nice and warm out in the cold. According to Kemimoto, the power bank has three temps:


  • High: 140-149℉(high) will last 3 hours

  • Medium: 122-131℉ will last 5-6 hours

  • Low: 104-113℉ will last 8-10 hours.​​

  • Washable: This heated jacket is machine washable but as with most ​heated gear, you should consider hand washing them most often. If you do machine wash them, be sure to use a laundry bag and air dry them, do not put in a dryer.


  • Super comfortable: This heated jacket was actually one of my favorites when it came to fit and comfort. It is very light which was nice and fit fantastic. I had full range of motion in my arms and the jacket never felt tight. I ended up loving the way it fit and it has become my go-to heated coat when I am headed outside.

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Kemimoto Heated Jacket Features

Just like the Kemimoto socks we tested, the Kemimoto heated jacket was excellent, it kept me warm and comfortable out in the cold. The jacket fit great, in fact it is one of my favorites these days.

Here is a quick breakdown of the features I loved about the Kemimoto heated jacket:

Look and materials: The Kemimoto has an exterior soft-shell fabric and an interior fleece lining which is super comfortable. This coat is nice and warm but not bulky which is great and one of my favorite things about it.  It is also windproof so when the wind gets blowing you will barely feel it. The jacket uses fabric that will stretch and is abrasion-resistant.

Honestly, the lightness of the jacket combined with the fleece lining made the Kemimoto an absolute pleasure to wear. It fit great and never restricted my movements at all, the interior fleece was just so comfy.


Power banks: The Kemimoto heated jacket comes with a 5V- 9600mAh power bank and a charger. The battery has an LED readout that shows the percentage of battery life left which makes it easy to monitor your battery usage.


The battery also has a USB port so the power bank can be used to charge your phone or other electronics which is handy when you are out in the weather.


Like most heated jackets you simply plug in the battery into the jacket, slip it into the interior storage pocket and then press one of the two power buttons on the front of the jacket to turn on the heating elements.


Adjusting the heat up or down is just as easy, all you have to do is press the button on the front of the jacket. There are three heat settings for each heat zone with red indicating high, white is medium, and blue is low.


The power bank is small and fits well in the interior pocket and was light enough that I didn’t feel it when out and about in the coat.


Heated collar: One of my favorite features of this heated jacket was the heated collar. I would often run the back and collar heat zone while leaving the front two heat zones off if the weather was mild. It keeps your neck and head warm and just feels nice when you are out in the weather.


Heat controls: You can control the heat zones separately, the front of the jacket has one button that will control the front heat zones while the other button controls the back and collar heat zone.


It was easy to control the two different heat zones and I often left the collar and back on high and moved the front ones down to medium which kept me warm in most situations.


Pockets: There are five pockets on the Kemimoto, 2 standard side pockets, a chest and sleeve pocket as well as a non-zip interior pocket. There is also a zippered interior pocket that is for the power bank.


The pockets all have high-quality YKK zippers and work well. They are good sized pockets so you can carry plenty of gear with you when you are outside. My biggest complaint would be the lack of an interior zippered pocket. I like a zippered interior pocket to secure my phone or wallet, so the fact that this coat doesn’t have one is a bit of a negative for me.


Detachable hood:  The Kemimoto has a detachable hood, as well as adjustable cuffs which help keep the heat inside the jacket. The hood is a great feature and was super helpful when the wind really started blowing. I also loved the fact that it was detachable as I don’t like a hood on a day-to-day basis.


Machine washable: While this heated jacket can technically be machine washed, as with most heated gear, it is best to hand wash it. However, if you need to machine wash it be sure to use a laundry bag and wash it on gentle in cold water. Do not iron, dry clean, or use bleach, it should be line-dried. 






How do the Kemimoto Heated Socks Perform?

I loved this heated jacket, it fit great, was super comfortable and the heat it produced was fantastic. The fleece inner was just lovely and kept me comfy and warm. It is a great jacket for heading out at night or working outside as it is very light and did not restrict my movements at all, making it excellent for outdoor work.


While this is a great heated jacket, I probably would switch to something a bit heavier duty if I was skiing, snowboarding, or doing any other outdoor activity that kept me out in the cold for hours on end. This jacket has become my go-to for nights out, working around our property, or just going for a walk as it is the perfect weight and fits so well.


I have done plenty of activities in this heated jacket and it has performed flawlessly every time. I have used it on my walk to the mailbox, been out to dinner and to see Christmas lights as well as working around our property and it did the job each time, keeping me warm and comfortable.


The soft shell of the jacket was comfy and kept me dry when I was out in the snow and the inner fleece was fantastic, it was warm and snug. The heat worked well and in many cases, I would turn the jacket down to medium if the weather was mild. I loved being able to control the two heat zones separately, I often kept the back and collar on a higher temp than the front heat zones, it allowed me to customize my heat.


As with all heated gear, be sure to check the size guide and measure carefully to ensure you order the correct size.

Kemimoto offers the original purchaser of our product is covered by a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects. If there are any issues with the heated socks, Kemimoto offers plenty of ways to get in touch with them. You can contact customer service by chatting online, emailing, or via a phone number.


The battery life is close to what they claim. I wore the jacket for a few hours at a time and usually had a bit of charge left.  If you crank it up to high, expect to be out of juice in about 3-4 hours.


I absolutely loved this heated jacket, the fit was fantastic as was the weight of it. The fleece inner was so comfortable, and the heated collar was so very pleasant. This is an excellent heated coat for lightweight duty, great for a night out, running errands, walks and even working outside. If you are looking for a heated coat that is not super heavy-duty but is lightweight and fits great this is the one.

The Bottom Line

This Kemimoto heated jacket is a pleasure to wear and has become my favorite casual heated jacket to wear when I am out running errands. Its light weight, perfect fit, and heat make it the perfect jacket when the temps start to drop.


The fleece inner is what made this jacket one of my favorites, it not only keeps you warm and dry, but it is so snug and comfortable, making this jacket a treat to slip into before you head out into the cold.


The only change I would make is adding at least one zippered interior pocket as I like to secure my phone or other valuables there. Other than that, this heated jacket was fantastic and worked great in all situations.


I am very happy to recommend the Kemimoto heated jacket, it will keep you warm and comfortable when out and about in town or whenever a lightweight jacket is called for, you can buy this one with confidence.

A few photos of the Kemimoto Jacket

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