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Best Men's Heated Vests

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ARRIS Fleece Heated Vest

The ARRIS heated men's vest takes heating power to the next level with 8 heating panels. It has 4 panels in front, 3 on the back, and a neck warmer in the collar. It also has 5 heating levels that can range from 104℉ to 176℉. One of the unique things about this vest is that you can turn off specific panels in the vest to conserve the battery or just lower the heat. It is also available in a women's version.

The ARRIS uses a 7.4V 7200mah high-capacity battery to heat the carbon fiber heating element, the battery can last for up to 10 hours on the lowest setting.

The ARRIS also uses a pretty unique sizing scheme, it is basically one size fits all. The vest comes with three different side panels that you zip in to make get the correct size. While it sounds weird, people seem to love it and find it easy to find the correct fit.

​The ARRIS gets excellent reviews all the way around. The big complaints have to do with the battery. The biggest disappointment with the battery is the charging time, it can take up to 8 hours to fully charge. Secondly, the battery does not have a USB connection which means you cannot switch the battery out with a third-party battery. Finally, a few reviews said their battery was defective upon arrival and had to be replaced.

​Overall, the ARRIS is a great choice, particularly if you are worried about the fit of a vest and like to have control over the individual heating elements in the vest.

Gobi Dune Heated Vest

Gobi is a 100% female owned heated apparel company headquartered Colorado. They have been making heated clothing since 2016 and are considered one of the top brands in the heated apparel industry.

The Dune Men’s/Women’s vest is made of lightweight nylon that is both wind and water resistant. It features 3 zones of heating, 2 in the chest and a large zone on the back. Three heat settings and a one touch controller button on the front of the vest make adjusting the temperature quick and easy.

The Dune heated men's vest comes with a 7.4-volt, 6700 Lithium Ion that can provide up to 10 hours of heat on the lowest setting. You can expect up to five hours on high and roughly 7 hours on a medium setting. The Dune’s battery fully recharges in 3-4 hours which is one of the quickest available. Gobi uses conductive thread to heat this vest instead of carbon fiber. Conductive thread is very light and flexible making this vest very comfortable to wear.

​The Dune heated men's vest gets mixed reviews. While most reviewers love the heat it produces and say that the mobility it offers is excellent, there seem to be issues with the fit. The vest seems to run a bit large so consider that when shopping. Gobi does provide fairly detailed measurements in their sizing guide so make sure you measure yourself before ordering to make sure you get the best fit. One additional complaint is customer service, particularly getting someone on the phone.

​Overall, the Dune is a great choice but make sure you take some measurements and get the right size.

Kemimoto Unisex Heated Vest

Kemimoto is a company that specializes in UTV and ATV aftermarket parts and is now producing a heated vest. The Kemimoto heated vest not only keeps the cold at bay when you are out and about, it also looks great and is one of the least expensive heated vests currently available making it a great choice if you are on a budget.

This vest has an expandable waist, so you don’t have to worry about a tight fit and the
5V 9600mAh power bank will keep the heat flowing for up to 12 hours on low. The Kemimoto uses carbon fiber heating elements and has five heat zones, two on the front, a large back heated area as well as two heating elements on the hood.

This heated vest allows you to seriously control the heat, with 9 smart heating modes, 2 control switches and 3 heating levels, you can easily choose the temperature you want, and adjust the heating zone according to your needs.

The reviews for this heated vest were stellar. Reviewers loved the price as well as the heat it produced. The ability to control the various heat zones was also a major selling point for many of the reviewers. The only complaint that popped up was a few customers didn’t receive a battery with their vest but customer service quickly sent out a new one.

Ororo Classic Heated Vest

Ororo is a well respected brand in the heated clothing market and their classic heated vest is considered one of the best. They also offer a fleece vest and both the classic and fleece are available in a men’s and women’s version.

​This vest has 4 heat zones (left & right pocket, collar, mid-back) as well as 3 adjustable heat settings. It gets great reviews when it comes to heat distribution and is one of the warmest vests out there, even with the heating elements turned off. The Ororo uses FELLEX® insulation which not only keeps the vest warm all on its own, it helps distribute the heat generated by the heating elements.

This heated men's vest uses carbon fiber heating elements which are one of the most common heating elements used in heated clothing, carbon fiber works well and has been proven safe in all conditions. The Ororo classic vest uses a 7.4V UL/CE-certified battery which provides 3 hours of heat on high, 6 on medium and a whopping 10 hours on low. Expect it to take 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

​The Ororo classic vest is also equipped with a USB port for charging smart phones and other mobile devices. It is one of the few heated vests out there that have this feature.

​One of the best features of this vest is the heated collar which helps keep your neck warm, this is a huge advantage out in the cold. The Ororo vest is well reviewed with the major complaints being that the light on the power button is a bit too bright and it can be a bit snug in the tummy area so consider going up a size if this may be an issue for you. According to reviews, customer service is very responsive to complaints and is happy to resolve any issues.

TIDEWE Heated Vest

The TIDEWE is our pick for cheapest men's heated vest. This vest is available in a men’s and women’s version and has 4 heating zones, in the mid-back, underneath the two front pockets to keep your core warm as well as a heated collar.

​This vest comes with a 10000mAh power bank that has two USB ports to charge your devices as well as heat your vest. The battery will provide 10 hours of heat on low, 6 on medium and 4 on high. This is one of the fastest recharging batteries in our reviews, fully recharging in 3-4 hours.

At only $70 (price at the time of review) the TIDEWE is an excellent choice for someone looking to wade into the heated clothing market. It is extremely well reviewed with the only complaints being about sizing. It runs a bit large so make sure you consult their sizing guide before ordering.

iHood Heated Vest with Hood

This is our new favorite heated vest and it is bursting with features that make it comfortable and warm.

One of the best features of the iHood is the ability to turn the various heat zones on and off independently. The iHood lets you turn on the chest, back and collar/hood zones separately, allowing you to control the heat levels more precisely as well as save the battery life by turning off heat zones you are not currently using.

The iHood heated vest has two pockets on the inside, one for storing the battery while the other can be used to stash your phone, keys, or other important items you want to secure.

The power bank not only powers the vest but can also be used to charge your phone or other electronics. It has 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 micro-USB port. It also offer up to 9.5 hours of heat depending on what heat setting you use. This is an excellent heated vest and we highly recommend it. Buy this one with confidence!

If you are in the market for the best men's heated vest, we have your covered. We looked at over 25 heated vests and narrowed that list down to the top six. We waded through all of the tests and reviews, so you don’t have to and have come up with a list of what we think are the top six heated vests available today.

A men's heated vest can serve as an excellent mid-layer under a coat in cold conditions or can simply be worn as your only piece of outwear in more mild conditions. These heated vests were designed to stand up to the rigors of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or even just going for a jog while keeping you warm and looking good as well.

Following is our list of the top six heated vests:

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