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Heated Stadium Seats and Cushions

Nice C Heated Stadium Seat
Heated stadium cushion
Gadgetwiz heated stadium seat
Pop Hot Seat
ACELETIQS Heated Stadium Seat
Volt heated seat cushion

While a day out at the stadium is always exciting, bleacher sitting can be tough on your butt and back. Regardless of whether you are cheering on your favorite college team or rooting for your kids or grandkids at your local school, having some cushioning between you and the hard, cold metal bleachers can make the game infinitely more enjoyable.

Add some heat to that cushioned seat and be super comfy and warm while taking in a spring or fall game. Heated stadium seats can take your comfort to the next level with many of them cranking the heat up to 115 F° or higher. In addition to being nice and hot many of the heated stadium seats we looked at will also recline, hold onto your drink for you and offer a few pockets to store your keys and phone while the game rages.

When reviewing heated stadium seats, we not only looked at the heat they produced but the cushioning, materials, and frame as well to make sure it will be comfortable as well as sturdy. We also considered how easy they were to carry as a heavy stadium seat will certainly put a damper on the day.

While many of the stadium seats we looked at include a power bank, others do not so make sure you consider the cost of a battery pack when deciding on which one is right for you.

Check out our top heated stadium seat picks below, they are guaranteed to make your next day on the bleachers more enjoyable:

Heated stadium seat

ACELETIQS Heated Cushion

The ACELETIQS heated stadium cushion still provides plenty of heat without the back or armrests. If you are looking for something what is easy to carry and will keep your butt warm and comfortable on the bleachers, this is an excellent choice.

It also comes with a power bank so you don’t have to purchase one separately. This stadium cushion has three heat levels and will hit 115°F on high. The included battery pack has a USB port so you can charge your phone as well.

The ACELETIQS heated stadium cushion weighs a mere 2.5 pounds and has a strap to make it easy to carry. It is 20 inches wide and has a waterproof bottom so it will stay nice and dry even in lousy weather.
Reviewers love this heated cushion, saying the heat and comfort made the bleachers comfortable and warm.

Our only issue with it is the cost. This cushion is more expensive than some of the heated stadium seats that have a back and armrests. While it does come with a battery, we are not convinced that makes it worth the cost. This cushion works well but there may be better deals out there.

Heated stadium seat

Aceletiqs Heated Stadium Seat

The Aceletiqs heated stadium seat is 20” wide, will crank the heat up to 115°F and has a waterproof bottom in the event the bleachers are wet when you arrive. The high-density memory foam cushion will keep your butt nice and comfy while the back can be reclined into 6 different positions, it’s like sitting on your couch in the stadium. While this seat has a heat zone in the seat, the backrest is not heated. They sell a “Plus” model that includes a heated backrest.

This stadium seat comes with a battery, so you won’t have to purchase a separate power bank. It has a USB port so you can charge your There are three heat setting so you can dial in the warmth and plenty of pockets to stash your gear. A large hidden back pocket, combined with 3 zippered pockets on the side and a cup holder, will ensure you are organized as well as warm.

The reviews for this heated stadium seat were excellent with just about everyone raving about the heat and the comfort. Most reviewers also commented on how long the battery lasted and how easy it is to carry with them into the stadium. There were a few defective batteries, but the seller responded quickly and shipped new ones out. All in all this is an excellent heated stadium seat and we are happy to wholeheartedly recommend it.

This heated stadium seat is also available in an extra wide version.

Heated stadium seat

Alpcour Heated Stadium Seat

The Alpcour has an extra thick padded back and armrest that will keep your comfortable and warm while taking in the big game. However, this seat doesn’t come with a battery so you will need to supply your own power bank.

This stadium chair is waterproof, the 600D polyester fabric will keep you dry, and the anti-skid bottom will keep the seat safely in place. The Alpcour is 21 inches wide, so it offers plenty of room. It can hit 110° and six reclining positions will ensure that you are nice and comfy during the game.

One of the nicest features is the fact that if folds down for easy carrying and has plenty of pockets to store your phone and other valuables. There is a large detachable side pocket as well a smaller pocket. The reviews for this heated stadium seat are excellent with the comfort and heat being a game changer.

Heated stadium seat

Blufree Extra Wide Heated Seat

The Blufree is another excellent choice, particularly if you are looking for an extra wide heated stadium chair. This chair will stretch to 25 inches with the armrest down and is still a very comfortable 19 inches wide if you want to have the armrests up. Like most of the other heated stadium chairs on our list, this one doesn’t include a power bank.

The Blufree only has a heat zone on the seat so if you are looking for back warmth, this may not be the chair for you. However, it can push the heat up to 115°F and has 6 positions for reclining so you can adjust to your sweet spot.

This heated stadium chair is made from 600D waterproof Oxford cloth making it waterproof and non-slip. Backpack straps make it easy to carry to the game and a strap and buckle allow you to secure it to the bleachers to make sure it doesn’t move around during the game. It also has a variety of pockets to store your phone and keys as well as cupholder.

The reviews for this chair were fantastic with most reviewers loving the comfort of this chair, the heat was just an added bonus. While many parents raved about how great it was on the bleachers, other used it for fishing, tailgating (you can attach it the gate of pickup) and hunting. This chair is great for all of your cold weather activities.

Heated stadium seat

GADGETWIZ Heated Stadium Seat

The Gadget Wiz heated stadium seat doubles the heat with heat zones in both the seat of the chair as well as the seat back, making sure you stay warm no matter now chilly it gets at the game. In addition to doubling the heat, the Gadget Wiz has 2 bleacher hooks that close with springs, making sure it stays attached to the bleacher and doesn’t move around.

Unfortunately, this heated stadium chair doesn’t come with a power bank so you will have to supply that yourself. While it lacks a power bank, it does recline into 6 different positions, so you are guaranteed to find a comfortable position. This heated stadium seat has three different heat settings and can hit 115°F on high.

You will also have plenty of storage with the Gadget Wiz, there are a total of 4 pockets to store your stuff as well as a huge pocket across the back of the chair. This chair gets great reviews with numerous reviewers raving about the comfort and the heat. While most users are using this at a stadium, at least one reviewer commented on how well it worked for hunting. However, your end up using this heated stadium seat, you will be both warm and comfortable.

Heated stadium seat

Nice C Heated Stadium Seats

The Nice C heated stadium seat is another great choice for a heated stadium seat. This seat is made from water resistant industrial grade Oxford 600D durable polyester and has a heavy-duty alloy steel frame which makes it sturdy and durable but lightweight as well.

It has a single heat zone, on the butt and does not come with a power bank so you will have to supply that yourself. The Nice C heated stadium seat also comes with a variety of pockets to keep your battery, keys and even a bottle of water close by and easy to grab. It will recline to five different positions and will even lay completely flat if necessary.

The reviews for this heated stadium seat were great but there were a very limited number, so the jury is still out on this one. We love the look of this chair but think there are probably better options available.

Heated stadium seat

POP The Original Hot Seat

The Pop Hot Seat is another excellent heated stadium seat that will keep you warm and comfortable at the big game. Like many of the other seats we looked at, this one doesn’t come with a power bank, but it does have three heat settings that can push the heat in the seat up to 115°F.

The Hot Seat is not only warm, its comfy as well thanks to its high-density foam cushion that supports and cradles your lower back and butt. It has 6 reclining positions and if you fold down the armrests, it becomes an extra wide heated stadium seat with 20 inches of comfort.

The Pop Hot Seat has a variety of pockets, including 3 small ones, one oversized pocket as well as a cup holder. This heated stadium seat is made from lightweight polyester and has a waterproof bottom. This seat comes with a 2-year warranty so you can be confident when buying.

The reviews for this heated stadium seat were fantastic with everyone loving the heat as well as the comfort. Numerous reviewers bragged they were the envy of all the parents at the local football game and while there were one or two defective chairs, reviewers were very impressed by how quickly the company responded with a new seat.

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