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Venustas Heated Down Jacket Review

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I recently tested a Venustas Heated Down Jacket and it is now on of my absolute favorite heated coats. It kept me nice and warm in the coldest of temperatures and best of all, it comes with heated pockets.


I put the Venustas into a variety of different situations, everything from pretty mild weather to single digits with the wind blowing and I felt comfortable in warm in all of them.


The best feature for me, despite the great look, fit and warmth are the heated pockets. Being able to slip my hands into a warm pocket was a game changer and made strolling in the winter weather so much more pleasant.


Venustas makes a wide variety of heated clothing and is a well-respected brand in the industry. In addition to their heated down jacket, Venustas makes heated vests, heated base layers, heated gloves and even a super fun heated wearable blanket.


Keep reading to see my full review of the Venustas Heated Down Jacket.

What is in the box?

The Venustas comes nicely packaged in a little zipped pouch that includes the following:

  • Venustas Down Heated Jacket

  • 7.4V 5000 mAh battery

  • USB-C Cable and charger

  • Waterproof bag

  • User Guide




The Specs


  • Battery/Power Bank: The Venustas comes with a super slim 7.4V 5000mAh capacity power bank. It has a nice digital readout on the side, so you won’t have to guess how much power is left in the battery. It also has a USB port which can be used to charge your phone or other electronics.​ According to the User Guide, the battery pack will keep the heat flowing for roughly 9-11hours on low, 6-7 hours on medium or 3.5 hours on high. We always recommend carrying a spare battery with you if you plan a long day out in the cold. You can buy an extra Venustas power bank directly from Amazon.​

  • 5 Heating Zones: The Venustas heated jacket has 5 heat zones spread across the coat. There are 2 heat zones on the chest, a large one on the back and two more on the front that heat the pockets. This jacket will keep you nice and warm out in the cold and the heated pockets are a game changer, I loved them.


  • Temperature Control Switch: You can control the temperature of the five heat zones with one button. Simply press and hold the button on the chest to turn on the vest. You can then cycle through the three heating levels by pressing the button again.


Heat temps are indicated by the light color for each heat zone:

Red light = high temp

White = medium temp

Blue = low temp


The light that indicates the temp level is pretty subtle which is nice as in many cases a bright light on your chest can be distracting. It is obvious when you are out in the dark but during the day the light is almost non-existent.


  • Washable: The Venustas can be hand-washed or washed in a machine. In most cases, hand washing is recommended but if you are washing in a machine, you will need to use a laundry bag to prevent damage to the wiring inside the jacket. It should be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and never iron it or use bleach.

  • High Heating Temperatures: The Venustas will crank the heat up to 130°F on high. The temp drops down to 113°F on medium, which is the heat level I used the most, medium kept me nice and toasty in most circumstances. If the day is especially mild, the low setting works just fine and will heat the jacket up to 95°F.

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Venustas Down Heated Jacket Features

The Venustas would be an excellent winter jacket even without the heating elements, this puffer is filled with 90% white duck down and 10% white duck feather which makes it super comfortable and super warm. Turning on the heating elements kicks the heat up to the next level.

This heated jacket has plenty of pocket to store all your essentials. The zippered inside pocket is a perfect place to stash your phone or other valuables while the zippered chest pocket is great for items you need to get quickly or frequently.

The two pockets on the side of the coat are heated which is one of my favorite features of this coat. The heated pockets were excellent and kept my hands nice and warm in most situations.

The hood is not detachable, but the drawstring allows you to pull it as tight as you like, I found that it really helped keep out the wind out and it fit nicely. There is also a drawstring at the bottom of the jacket which kept the heat in on particularly cold days.

The power bank included with Venustas is small and well designed, it fits nicely inside a dedicated pocket on the inside of the coat. It has a digital readout on the side of the power bank, so it is easy to see exactly how much juice is left. It also has a USB port so you can charge your phone or other electronics on the go. It takes roughly 6-7 hours to fully charge the power bank.


The Venustas heated jacket, just like most heated gear, is very easy to use. You simply turn on the power bank, and then press the button on the front of the jacket for three seconds to power up the coat. The power button then turns red and “breathes” which is simply a slow blink while it warms up and it will then move into the “medium” setting.


Adjusting the heat up or down is as simple as pressing the button again. A white light is low, blue is medium, and red is high. Turn the jacket off by pressing the power button again for about 3-5 seconds until you see the light go out.


The subtleness of the power light is another great feature that we loved (not as much as the heated pockets though), it kept the distraction to a minimum and was not too obvious when I was out and about. However, in direct sunlight, it can be difficult to determine that heat level you are on but if you duck into a shadow, you can see it clearly.  

This jacket can also be machine washed makes it very convenient to keep clean. While it should be hand washed most of the time, it can be machined washed as long as you use a laundry bag and was it on gentle in cold water. Do not iron, dry clean or use bleach, it should be line dried.  

How does it perform?

The Venustas is currently my favorite heated jacket, it has performed perfectly and has kept me warm in a variety of situations and temperatures. While I am not always a puffer coat person, I actually really like the look and fit of this heated jacket.


I have used this jacket out shoveling snow, plowing our driveway, taking a walk in the snow and even up in the mountains when I went skiing. In every situation, I felt nice and warm, and the jacket was very comfortable to wear as well. I had full range of motion and it never felt tight or uncomfortable.


The Venustas fit true to size. Like always, be sure to check the size guide and measure carefully to ensure you order the correct size. Venustas offers a 30-day refund if you are unhappy with the coat or a 60-day exchange on the chance it doesn’t fit right. They also offer a 12-month warranty so you can be confident that it will perform.


If any issues do crop up, you can contract customer service both online and via a 1-888 number. In addition, Venustas has Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram groups so you can contact customer that way as well.


So how well does the Venustas actually work? I went for a walk at night in 28°F weather and the only thing I had on under the jacket was a t-shirt and I stayed plenty warm the entire time I was outside. I also threw it on after a day of skiing, with only a base layer on underneath and was perfectly comfortable. There wasn’t a single situation that this jacket didn’t keep me nice and toasty.


One way to crank up the body heat is to wear a hoodie or fleece under the coat, but this is usually only necessary when it really gets cold out there. I also found the coat to be very comfortable, it is super lightweight, even with the battery in and I never felt my movement restricted.


The battery life we experienced was pretty close to what Venustas claims. I mainly used the coat on medium, kicking it up to high occasionally and I managed about 6 hours from the battery before it needed to be recharged. As with all heated gear, we always suggest carrying an extra battery if you are going to be out in the cold for more than four hours. Venustas offers extra power banks so you always have enough juice with you.  


We are super excited to recommend the Venustas Down Heated Jacket, this coat will keep you nice and warm while also looking fantastic. You can 100% buy this one with confidence.

The Bottom Line

I love this jacket. It fits great, looks fantastic and has kept me warm even when the temps dropped into the single digits. All in all, this is an excellent heated jacket, and I am happy to fully recommend it to anyone looking to stay warm and fashionable out in the cold.


The only changes I would make is to add an additional inside pocket and make the two heated pockets a bit bigger but again, I like to carry lots of stuff with me when I am out an about.


The heated pockets were a game changer for me, I loved that I could get my hands warmed up by simply sticking them in the pockets. The pockets were always nice and toasty, so I never struggled with cold hands and in many cases, I didn’t even take gloves with me. However, when the temps really drop, gloves will still be necessary.


All in all, the Venustas is an excellent choice for a heated jacket. It looks great, fits well and will keep you warm in the coldest of weather and let’s not forget those heated pockets, love the heated pockets. You can absolutely buy this heated jacket with confidence.

Ready to get into a heated jacket? Check out the Men's or Women's  Venustas Heated Jacket and buy with confidence.


A few photos of the Venustas Heated Down Jacket out and about. 

Venustas Heated Down Jacket 
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