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Heated Clothing and Gear Makes Camping Even Better

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Camping is always big fun but regardless of when you go there is a good chance you will be a bit chilly (if not downright cold) at some point during your wilderness adventure. Early mornings and late nights can be a bit cold, even during summertime months and this is where heated gear can make a huge difference in how comfortable you stay out in the woods.

A heated vest or jacket will take the chill off and keep you warm even when the temps drop, or the wind starts blowing. Heated hand warmers, heated camping chairs and even heated socks will make sure you enjoy every minute of your camping experience.

Winter camping can take the cold to a whole new level. Once the snow starts flying you may want to consider packing a heavy-duty heated coat or vest as well as some heated gloves or mittens to keep the cold at bay. You can even slip into a heated sleeping bag or put a heated slipping mat underneath it to keep you nice and warm all night.

Let’s have a look at some of the best heated gear for camping:

Heated jackets and Vests

While a heated jacket may be a bit much for a summer camping trip, a heated vest can provide just the right amount of heat to keep the chill away while not being too warm. A heated jacked on the other hand is perfect (and probably a necessity) for winter camping or any adventure that puts you in cold weather.

Heated jackets come in a wide variety of styles so you should be able to find one that looks great while also keeping your warm in the woods. We have looked at tons of heated jackets and vests and put the top contenders in our Best Heated Jackets for Men, Best Heated Jackets for Women.

If the weather is a bit warmer, a heated vest is an excellent choice for camping. We found the best heated vests on the market and brought them all together in our Best Heated Vests for Men and Best Heated Vests for Women pages.

Heated hoodies

A hoodie (or jumper depending on where you’re from) is an absolute necessity when camping. The temps drop when the sun goes down which is a great time to break out a heated hoodie.

You can adjust the heat to dial in the perfect temp for the night, most heated hoodies have at least three temp settings and thanks to the long-lasting battery, the heat will be cranking for hours. If the night is particularly cold, sleeping in a heated hoodie is a warm treat that ensures an excellent night of sleep.

There are a variety of heated hoodies available these days, we found the best and rounded them up in our Best Heated Hoodies of 2022 list.

Heated hats

In most summer camping situations, a heated hat is going to be overkill but if you are camping in the winter or late fall, a heated hat can make a huge difference. A heated hat not only keeps the heat from escaping your body via your melon, but it also helps warm your body by keeping your head nice and toasty.

Heated beanies can keep the heat rolling for up to 7 hours and push the temp up to 130F° so you will stay warm while hanging out around the fire or relaxing in your tent. Check out our Best Heated Hats of 2022 list to find a heated beanie that fits your style.

Heated camping chairs

A heated camping chair will keep your butt and back warm while camping. These chairs not only have two or three heat zones to keep you nice and toasty but most of them can keep the heat going for up to nine hours, so you have plenty of time to chill out at your camp site.

Most heated camping chairs have plenty of storage for your phone, keys, book and some even have a built-in cooler bag, so you don’t have to get up to grab a cold one. A cupholder makes sure your beverage of choice is always within reach.

While there are not a ton of heated camping chairs on the market, we managed to find three that meet our quality standards. Check out our list of Heated Camping Chairs or Heated Stadium Seats to find one that will keep you warm out in the cold while also being super comfortable.

Heated sleeping Bag

Heated sleeping bags have a long way to go before they become a must have for camping, but they can be an excellent sleeping bag liner in cold weather camping or as a lightweight bag that can help keep the chill at bay during cold spring or fall nights.

Heated sleeping bags usually have three heat zones and tend to be lightweight sleeping bags that are more suitable to warm weather camping or as a liner in a heavy-duty bag if you are winter camping. Using a heated sleeping bag as a liner in your more weather appropriate bag takes the warm to an entirely new level.

Unfortunately, many heated sleeping bags don’t come with a battery so you will have to supply your own power bank. We have put together a brief primer on Batteries to help you find the perfect power bank as well as our list of the best Heated Sleeping Bags so you can stay nice and warm while camping.

Rechargeable hand warmers

Keeping your hands warm can be a challenge while camping. This can be particularly true for people that suffer from arthritis or Raynaud’s. Rechargeable hand warmers will keep your hands warm for hours (up to 18 hours is possible) while also recharging your phone (many have a USB port) as well lighting the way in the dark with a built-in flashlight. The best part, you can put one in your pocket for less than $25.

We found the best rechargeable hand warmers available and gathered them all up on our Best Rechargeable hand warmer page. Read our reviews, find the perfect one for you and get it in your camping gear bag.

Heated socks

Cold feet on a camping trip can be just as bad as cold hands. Heated socks can keep your feet warm and dry both in the tent and also out on the hiking trails.

Heated socks can crank the heat up to 140F° and can keep the heat flowing for up to 12 hours which is plenty of time for a massive hike or a good night’s sleep. Many heated socks have multiple heat zones to keep your entire foot warm and some come with a remote control so you can quickly and easily change the heat settings.

We found the best heated socks available so check out our Best Heated Socks page to find a pair that will keep your feet warm while looking great.

While heated gear is not a camping necessity (yet), it is guaranteed to make your next camping trip not only warmer, but more enjoyable.

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