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Reusable Hand Warmers and Heat Packs

While we prefer rechargeable hand warmers, which will often deliver heat for hours, there are circumstances where a reusable hand warmer is a better option. If you are only going to be out in the cold for a short amount of time, don’t have access to electricity (off the grid, camping), or are just looking for a more economical choice, reusable hand warmers are a fantastic choice.  

All the reusable hand warmers on our list work in basically the same way. You simply click on an activation disc which activates the heat. In most cases, these hand warmers can hit 130°F and the heat will last for 30-60 minutes. You can reset them by dropping them in a pot of boiling water for around 15 minutes.

Reusable hand warmers are great for keeping your hands warm out in the cold, but many reviewers also use them to warm or soothe various stiff joints or treat arthritis or other joint disorders.

One final benefit of reusable hand warmers is that they are much better for the environment than the one use disposable hand warmers many skiers still use. All of the hand warmers on our list have great reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, you can buy any of these brands with confidence.

Airsanto Reusable Heat Packs

Airsanto reusable heat packs are very similar to the other brands we considered when putting together out favorites. Simply bend the internal activation disc to start the heat flowing which should get to 130°F and will last for up to 40 minutes.

Once the heat is used up you can reset the hand warmer by dropping into boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Remove it from the boiling water, let it cool for a bit and it is ready to go again.

Like the other brands we looked at, the reviews for the Airsanto reusable hand warmers were excellent. Most reviewers loved the heat they produced with the only complaints being about the longevity of the heat.

As we mentioned before, while reusable hand warmers are great for short journeys into the cold, unless you can take multiple reusable hand warmers with you, a rechargeable hand warmer (assuming you have access to electricity) is probably a better option for long days in the cold.

Body Comfort Heat Packs

These Body Comfort reusable heat packs come with a feature the others don’t, scent. This set has one lavender scented heat pack, a mint scented one as well as two unscented.

They work in the exact same way as the others on our list, click the activation disc and the heat starts flowing. The heat can hit 130°F and will continue flowing for 30-40 minutes. These are great for keeping your hands warm out in the cold, but they also work well for stiff joints and can help to relax your muscles.

A quick dip in boiling water (roughly 15 minutes) will reset the heat packs so they can be used again and again. The reviews for these heat packs were great, with everyone loving the heat and how easy they are to recharge. In addition, many reviewers commented on how much they loved the scent and how long it seemed to last. If you love the smell of lavender or mint and need to keep your hands warm out in the cold, these hand warmers are an excellent choice.

Hot to Go Reusable Heat Packs

Hot to Go is another well respected brand in the reusable hand warmer market. These hand warmers work exactly like other reusable warmers, simply click the activation disc and the heat will start flowing.

The Hot to Go reusable heat packs will push the heat up to 129°F and will keep the heat flowing for 30-45 minutes. Once the heat has been used up, dropping them in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes or so will recharge them for their next use. They can be used over and over, with the manufacturer claiming there is no limit on the number of times you can reuse the heat packs.

The reviews for these reusable heat packs are fantastic with just about everyone raving about the heat. Many reviewers had arthritis or poor circulation and said these heat packs were a game changer for them. While the heat doesn’t last super long, if you can carry a number of them with you, it is easy to activate a new one as your current heat pack cools down.

The Hot to Go reusable heat packs are an excellent choice if you need to keep your hands warm out in the cold or they also work great as a mini heating pad if you just need to warm up parts of your body.

HotSnapZ Reusable Pocket Warmers

These reusable hand warmers will not only keep your hands warm but will help the planet out as well. Reusable hand warmers tend to be more affordable than rechargeable hand warmers and don’t require any electricity to recharge. Since they don’t end up in a landfill after a single use, they are much better for the climate than one use disposable hand warmers.

However, we are not going tell you that reusable hand warmers will provide the same amount of heat as a rechargeable hand warmer and they certainly won’t last as long. If you only need 30-60 minutes of heat, think a walk around the neighborhood or running errands, reusable hand warmers can be the perfect solution, but if you are headed out for a long hike or a day on the slopes, they will probably leave you disappointed.

Hot SnapZ is a well-regarded brand and these reusable hand warmers work great. In order to get the heat flowing you simply need to gently click the internal activation disc which allows crystals to interact, which creates the heat. These hand warmers will hit 130°F and will last for about 50-60 minutes for the large green pocket warmers, and 30 to 40 minutes for the orange hand warmers.

Once the heat is used up, simply drop them in a pot of boiling water which will dissolve the crystals back to the original liquid state. Once the crystals are dissolved the hand warmer is ready to be cooled and reused.

SnapZ claims the average user should expect 200-300+ uses if properly used and stored.

The reviews for these reusable hand warmers are excellent with most users loving them. There were a couple of complaints about how long they stayed warm, but most users felt they provided excellent heat and were easy to recharge. While these hand warmers will never be as robust as a rechargeable hand warmer, they are a much better option than disposable hand warmers.

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