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Deep Heat Gear is one of the only sites that specializes in reviewing heated clothing and only heated clothing. While other sites spread themselves thin reviewing dozens of different product categories, we take a deep dive into heated clothing.


Deep Heat Gear is the site to turn to if you are shopping for heated apparel. We have reviewed, researched, and compared all of the best brands of heated clothing. We do the legwork and give you the most reliable purchasing advice so you can find the perfect heated clothing for your specific needs.


Our goal is to do all of the hard work so you can quickly and easily compare all of the best products in the heated clothing market. When you are shopping for heated apparel there are often dozens of choices in each category which can be confusing and make it difficult to find the item that works best for you.


We narrow down all of the choices out there to what we feel are the best five or six products in each category with our “Best Of” reviews. We also providing in-depth reviews of individual products so you can get a deep sense of the pros and cons of that specific product.


In addition to helping, you find great heated products, we will bring you all of the latest news about the heating apparel industry and alert you to price changes and sales if you sign up for alerts and our newsletter.


We are an affiliate website which means we make money when a reader clicks through to a product we reviewed and purchases the product. It doesn’t matter which product though; we earn a referral on any item you buy so we are never going to give an inferior product a recommendation, our sole goal is to provide the best reviews possible on heated clothing.  


We are here to build a website that can be trusted, leads our readers to quality heated clothing products, and provide high-quality reviews so you can decide on your own what heated product is ideal for you.

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