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Best Heated Slippers

SnookEase Heated Slippers
Thermalstep Heated Slipper
Volt Lava Boot
Volt 5V Heated Slipper

Keeping your feet warm helps keep the rest of your body nice and toasty and nothing drains heat away from your core more than cold feet. A pair of heated slippers can help keep your feet warm while wandering around your home.


In the past, we have struggled to find true heated slippers that we could recommend.  However, heated slippers have really taken off as batteries have gotten smaller. There are now plenty of heated slippers we can wholeheartedly recommend. ​In addition to the heated slippers we put in a couple of microwavable heated booties that were a big hit with reviewers. 

Take a look at what we think are the best heated slippers as well as a couple of other ways to keep your feet warm:

Heated Slipper

ActionHeat 5V Cable Knit Heated Slippers

We love the look and the warmth of these ActionHeat 5v slippers. The unique look and impressive heating system make these heated slippers one of our favorites. These slippers feature heating panels on the soles which can crank the heat up to 130°F so your toes will be nice and toasty.

A handy touch control button lets you easily power up the slippers and change the heating level. You can choose from three different heat levels, up to 150°F so you can dial in the temperature that is perfect for your feet. The heat will keep flowing for up to 5+ hours on the lowest setting while the running them on high will drop the charge down to 3.5 hours.

On top of keeping your feet warm, these slippers will keep them nice and comfy. The ActionHeat heated slippers are designed to be durable and are water resistant so they can be worn in all types of conditions.

The reviews for these heated slippers were excellent with lots of comments about the heat, one reviewer mentioned they kept her feet warm even when the heaters are turned off. These slippers make a great gift so if you are looking for a holiday surprise, these heated slippers are a great choice.

ActionHeat is a very well known brand in the world of heated gear so you can buy these slippers with confidence.

Heated Slipper

ActionHeat 5V Heated Boots

If you suffer from cold feet, these ActionHeat 5V heated boots can be a lifesaver. The boots feature a built-in heating panel on the sole that provides tons of warmth to your entire foot, ensuring toasty toes even in the most frigid conditions.

The ActionHeat 5V Heated Boots are powered by a 5V power bank that can deliver up to 5 hours of continuous warmth on the lowest heat setting. On those extra chilly days, crank up the heat to the highest setting and enjoy temperatures of up to 140°F.

The ActionHeat 5V Heated boots allow you to tailor your warmth to your liking with three distinct heat levels, easily adjustable via a touch button control. Whether you're braving a light chill or battling a blizzard, these boots have you covered.

Crafted from resilient polyester material, these boots are designed to withstand regular use and offer exceptional resistance against snow, water, dust, and other outdoor elements. Their convenient slip-on design makes them easy to get on and off.

While there were not a ton of reviews for these boots, the ones we found were excellent. The reviewers loved the heat they provided, one claiming it helped with their poor circulation, they slipped into them before bedtime to get their feet to the perfect temp.

These boots work well both indoors and outdoors, we highly recommend them.

Heated Slipper

BIAL Unisex Heated Slippers

Looking for a thoughtful and practical gift idea for friends, family, or just anyone who is super sensitive to the cold? Gifting a pair of BIAL Unisex Heated Slippers are a perfect way to show how much you care. These heated slippers make a stellar gift for your loved ones. provide warmth and comfort during the colder months.

The BIAL Unisex Heated Slippers provide exceptional warmth and comfort, utilizing carbon fiber heating elements strategically positioned across the forefoot, midfoot, heel, and toes. This comprehensive heat coverage ensures that your entire foot stays warm and cozy, even in the coldest conditions.

The BIAL heated slippers feature a dual-control switch for intelligent temperature adjustment, allowing you to customize the heating zones and maintain a unique temperature for each area. With three heating pads and a dual-control switch, you can tailor your warmth experience to your liking.

Powered by a high-performance 5000mAh battery, the BIAL Unisex Heated Slippers provide long-lasting warmth, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable throughout the day. and usage. Battery life will vary depending on your settings but expect to get 3.5 hours on high, and up to 6-7 hours on the lowest setting.

These slippers are meticulously crafted with premium materials for both indoor and outdoor use. The windproof and dust-resistant fabric on the upper provides protection from the elements, while the waterproof and slip-resistant natural rubber outsole ensures stability and traction on various surfaces. The thick memory foam insole provides ultimate softness and comfort, supporting your feet throughout the day.

The BIAL Unisex Heated Slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm during a variety of activities, whether you're studying, working, watching TV, or relaxing at home. They are also ideal for outdoor activities like camping, RVing or just sitting around a campfire.

The reviews for these heated slippers were fantastic with everyone loving the look and feel of the slippers as well as the heat. While most reviewers tended to use them indoors, a few said they used them for short walks around their property.

BIAL offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you are happy with your purchase. If you have any quality concerns within 60 days, BIAL will offer a product replacement or refund so you can be confident when buying.

Heated Slipper

Dr.Warm Heated Slippers for Women/Men

Dr. Warm makes heated insoles, socks, gloves and more and is well regarded in the heated clothing industry. Their heated slippers feature thin heating elements that cover the forefoot making sure your feet stay nice and toasty.

These heated slippers are powered by rechargeable 3.7V 3400mAh battery packs and can keep the heat flowing for up to 7 hours on a single charge. There are three heat settings that you can choose from high, medium, and low – to customize your comfort level.

Dr. Warm Heated Slippers feature thin heating elements strategically positioned to cover the forefoot and under the lining, ensuring even and comfortable heat distribution. The heating elements heat up quickly, helping to improve circulation, relax muscles, and keep your toes toasty warm all day long.

The soft faux fur lining and low-heeled collar provide a luxurious feel and ensure all-day comfort. The slippers are easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for lounging at home, working from home, or enjoying indoor activities.

In addition to being super comfy, they are also suitable for short trips outside. The rubber outsoles provide traction and stability, ensuring safety and security, even on slippery surfaces.

Heated slippers make the ideal gift for anyone who suffers from cold feet or simply appreciates the comfort of warm feet. The reviews for the Dr. Warm heated slippers were excellent with many reviewers receiving these slippers as gifts. Reviewers loved the fit as well as how easily the heated slippers were to take on and off. These slippers make a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

Heated Slipper

Omobolanle Heated Slippers

Another great addition to our heated slipper lineup is the Omobolanle heated slipper. These slippers are powered by two 5V 2A large capacity 5000mAh rechargeable batteries, and the non-slip soles make these slippers perfect for indoors, they will keep your feet toasty wherever you go.

The Omobolanle has three temp settings to choose from high (149°F), medium (131°F), and low (113°F) – to customize your warmth level according to your preference. The Omobolanle heated slippers also come with a non-slip sole design so you can be confident when you are walking on various surfaces.

The reviews for these slippers were excellent with one reviewer calling them life changing while another was planning on buying a second pair. The only complaint involved a faulty battery, and it appeared that customer service quickly handled the issue. You can buy these slippers with confidence.

Heated Slipper

PEEH Heated Slippers

The PEEH Heated Slippers were designed to promote comfort and relaxation and keep your toes toasty warm.

The PEEH heated slippers features an innovative heating sheet that replaces traditional wires, which means these slippers offer a larger heating area around the toes and the bottom of your feet. They provide uniform warmth without any risk of discomfort. These heated slippers are excellent for promoting optimal blood circulation and for keeping your feet nice and warm inside or out.

These heated slippers are equipped with two independent 5V 5000mAh rechargeable batteries. You can select the heat level for each slipper, choosing from 3 temperature options—113°F, 131°F, and 149°F—ensuring 3 to 7 hours of continuous heating on a single charge.

These heated slippers are made with extra soft and washable cotton fabric giving these heated slippers a luxurious feel. They are available in various sizes and colors, which makes them great for around the house or quick trips outside. Their versatility and warmth make them ideal for braving the cold without compromising on style.

These heated slippers are a perfect winter gift for parents, spouses, friends, or anyone seeking relief from chilly feet. The reviews for these heated slippers were absolutely fantastic with just about all reviewers loving them. While reviewers commented numerous times on how much they loved the heat, they also loved the durability of them, wearing them out to get the mail, take out the trash or just head out for a short stroll outside. These heated slippers are an excellent choice to keep your feet nice and toasty.

Heated Slipper

RTDEP Heated Slippers

Let your feet experience some heat with these RTDEP Heated Slippers. They provide a luxurious coziness and customizable warmth for cold and chilly days.

These heated slippers feature two independent heat zones, one that heats the entire sole of the slipper and another that just heats the instep. Each heat zone can be controlled independently so you can turn one off if the temps are a bit warmer. These heated slippers have three different heat levels and will hit 140°F on high.

The RTDEP slippers are crafted with slow rebound memory foam and plush materials to ensure your feet will stay warm and comfy. The thickened rubber outsole, which is 3cm thick providing stability even when you are wearing them outdoors. The non-slip sole offers secure footing on slippery surfaces for added safety.

Controlled by an intelligent temperature adjustment switch, these slippers boast a 5000mAh high-performance lithium polymer battery. Enjoy up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, with 3.5-5.5 hours on High and 4-6 hours on Medium.

Perfect for cold weather, or just chronically cold feet, these heated slippers make thoughtful gifts for friends and family, particularly for anyone sensitive to cold.

These slippers get fantastic reviews with everyone loving them. Reviewers commented on how light and well-made they were as well as the heat they produce. They also commented on how comfortable these slippers were to wear both inside and for short trips outside. You can buy these slippers with confidence.

Heated Slipper

Snook-Ease Microwave Slippers

These are not heated slippers in the same sense that most of the other heated clothing we have reviewed. They have an insole in them that goes in the microwave for 60 seconds or so and then you pop them back into the slippers. The result is warm and toasty toes.

While these are not rechargeable and they involve a microwave, they get great reviews. Most reviewers said they got roughly 30-45 minutes of warm feet out of each microwave recharge. The slippers themselves are well made and very comfortable. They have a plush interior as well as anti-slip bottoms to keep you from slipping and sliding around your home.

The reviews were awesome with most people loving the heat they produced as well as how comfortable they were. There were many people that used them to treat chronic cold feet, Achilles heel, Raynaud’s, as well as planter fasciitis. There were a few negative reviews regarding the quality of the stitching and durability of the slipper, but they were few and far between.

Heated Slipper

ThermalStep Heated Slippers

The ThermalStep is a brand-new addition to the heated slipper category and so far its been a great new option. These slippers are made from weather and stain resistant quilted umbrella fabric which helps them repel water while also making them easy to clean, simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

​The fleece lining guarantees that your feet will stay nice and toasty when out and about and the anti-slip rubber sole makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Three temperature settings allow you to crank up the heat to 140° on high. The included long lasting 2200mAh batteries can put out heat for a whopping 10 hours on low.

The reviews were pretty much raves but to be fair, there are not a ton of reviews yet as these heated slippers have not been on the market for long. Everyone loved the heat they produced as well as the comfort. While they can technically be worn outside, many reviewers mentioned they didn’t think they would last super long if used outside on a regular basis. These are an excellent heated slipper option, buy with confidence.

Heated Slipper

ThermalStep Ultra-Plush Heated Slippers

If you suffer from perpetually cold feet that make you shiver even indoors, heated slippers can be a game changer. ThermalStep Heated Slippers use strategically placed heating elements to provide soothing warmth and comfort to your feet, whether you're relaxing at home or working long hours at your desk.

These slippers are powered by a pair of 7.4V rechargeable LI Polymer batteries, which can push up the heat to 140 degrees. The slippers have three adjustable heat settings, low, medium and high, so you can control the heat depending on the temperature.

The heating elements in the ThermalStep Heated Slippers are positioned at the bottom of the foot near the sole and toes, providing targeted warmth where it's needed most.

Heated slippers can be a lifesaver for people with chronically cold heat. The gentle heat of these slippers not only feels good but can also have therapeutic benefits. They may help increase blood flow which improves circulation, can reduce soreness and discomfort associated with cold or arthritic feet. Heated slippers or heated socks may also bring some relief to suffers of raynaud's syndrome.

The reviews were excellent for these heated slippers, they seem to be particularly popular with people that work at home, with many of them raving about the heat they produced and how comfortable they feel. Many reviewers did mention they run small so consider ordering up a size.

Heated Slippers make an ideal gift for family and friends so show your loved ones you care by gifting them the comfort and warmth of heated slippers.

Heated Slipper


The Volt 8V Heated Lava boots are the Cadillac of heated slippers/shoes and they have a price to match. Volt’s Lava boots can be be used as both an everyday shoe and a comfortable slipper for just hanging around the house on a chilly day.

​These heated slippers are made from durable 4200 denier ripstop nylon with a durable water repellent coating to keep them warm and dry out in the weather. The interior is lined with a faux fur and terry cloth fabric that makes them super comfortable out on the trail or simply lounging around the house. The rubber sole provides plenty of grip so you can hike with confidence.

These slippers have 3 temperature levels and the 8V batteries can keep them warm for 7 to 14 hours depending on the setting you choose. The reviews for these slippers/shoes were outstanding with everyone loving them. They raved about the heat they produced as well as the comfort and the look. Many reviewers wear them as boots outside while others mainly used them as indoor slippers, regardless of how they were used, these boots/slippers were a huge hit. These are by far our favorite in the heated slipper category.

Heated Slipper

Volt Heated Slipper

Volt is one of the only companies out there making true heated slippers. They were one of the first companies to develop heated slippers over a decade ago, making them a leader in the industry. These heated slippers are made wit 600g of insulation, a special heat retaining outer shell as well as a new tricot lining fabric that all work together to keep the cold out while keeping your feet nice and toasty.

The Volt heated slippers use two 5v VB530 batteries to pump up the heat which will last for roughly 7 hours on the lowest setting. The sturdy construction makes them ideal for just about everywhere around the house, you can these slippers both inside or outside. In addition, the Volt heated slippers have 3 power level settings you can choose from, controlling them with the one touch controller switch built into the boots, or you can download the Volt Heated Clothing app and regulate your desired power level setting using your phone.

​The Gen V has a vertical zipper on the inside of the foot going from the top opening to the sole making them easy to take on and off. The reviews were awesome with most people loving the heat they produced as well as how comfortable they were. There were many people that used them to treat chronic cold feet, Achilles heel, Raynaud’s, as well as planter fasciitis.

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