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Heated Sleeping Bags

Kings Trek Sleeping Bag
Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag
UNP Heated Sleeping Bag

We’re not going to lie to you, heated sleeping bags still have a long way to go before they are a must have but they can be very useful in mild weather or as a liner for a heavy-duty sleeping bag. If you are winter camping or headed into really cold temps, we would never recommend a heated sleeping bag as your only sleeping gear.

However, if you are camping in the summer or even on a mild spring day and want to keep the morning chill at bay, a heated sleeping bag can be a game changer. The same can be said of using a heated slipping bag as a liner inside a more weather appropriate bag, it really cranks up the heat.

We could only find 3 heated sleeping bags that met our requirements so while you don’t have a huge selection to choose from, there is bound to be one that fits the bill. Most of these heated sleeping bags have between 3 and 5 heat zones to help keep you warm and are water-resistant. Unfortunately, most of them require you to provide a power bank, they are not included with the sleeping bag.

These bags can be used for a variety of purposes, while camping is obvious, they would also be ideal for sitting in a tree stand while hunting, relaxing on a porch swing in chilly weather, or even on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer game in cold spring or fall weather. One reviewer used it to sleep in his vehicle before work, claiming it was a game changer. Regardless of how you use these heated sleeping bags, you will be nice and toasty.

Here are our top picks for heated sleeping bags:

Heated sleeping bag

KINGS TREK Heated Sleeping Bag

Kings Trek makes a variety of heated camping gear, and their heated sleeping bag is one of the bestsellers. It gets great reviews for both comfort and heat, it is also the only heated sleeping bag on our list that comes with a power bank.

The Kings Trek has five heat zones across the shoulder, back, hip and feet areas for core-body warmth. Three heat settings allow you to adjust the temp and the 20000 mAh certified battery pack will keep the heat flowing for up to 10 hours on medium.

Its soft fleece lining and high-quality polyester waterproof shell means you will stay nice and dry as well as warm when you are out in the wilderness. This bag is also large, measuring 7.2 feet x 3 feet so it will fit a 6.8 feet tall person. This bag weighs 4.4lb and comes with a compression storage bag.

Reviewers loved the comfort, it was probably the most comfortable of the bags we looked at but there were some complaints about the heat. Again, this seems to be related to unrealistic expectations, these sleeping bags are best in mild weather or as a liner in a more robust bag if you are out in really cold temps.

Heated sleeping bag

Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

Mantuole makes a variety of different heated sleeping bags and this rectangular shaped one is a great choice. This one has 5 heat zones and can be powered by a power bank as well as cell phone charger plugged into an outlet if you have a generator or other power source in the tent with you. Like the UNP bag, it has a 5V/2A USB plug, but you have to supply the power bank, it is not included. There are three heat settings.

This heated sleeping bag is extra-large, measuring 7.5 feet by 3 feet so even the largest of campers should be comfortable in it. It is made from waterproof nylon and is filled with super soft hollow fiber polyester filling which keeps the heat inside the bag. It also features an adjustable hood drawstring as well as a carry bag.

According to the manufacturer, it will keep the heat flowing for 10 hours on medium with a 2000 mAh power bank. The reviews for this bag were mixed, many reviewers loved it but others questioned the heat it produced. In some cases, reviewers were probably a bit unrealistic in their expectations, this bag on its own will not keep you warm in -30 weather. As we mentioned above, at this point in time, heated sleeping bags work best in mild weather or in conjunction with a heavy-duty bag in extremely cold weather.
The Mantuole is available in a rectangular version and a mummy version.

Heated sleeping bag

UNP Heated Sleeping Bag

This is our favorite heated sleeping bag, and it gets rave reviews from everyone that has used it. It is lightweight and comfortable, made of 210T Nylon fabric and 190T polyester filling and its mummy design keeps the heat inside while you stay nice and cozy.

It has five heat zones built in at the shoulder, back, waist, legs and feet so your entire body stays nice and warm. There are three heat levels to choose from although according to most reviewers, the heat produced by the “low” setting it too weak to be felt. It is both wind and water resistant. It has a zippered pocket for your personal items as well as an adjustable drawstring and carrying bag.

Like many of the heated sleeping bags on our list, you must provide your own power bank, this sleeping bag has a 5V/2A USB plug so any compatible power bank should work just fine. The reviews for the UNP heated sleeping bag were stellar with one reviewer going camping in 14-degree weather and still staying warm when he used this sleeping bag as a liner in his camping bag. Others used in milder weather and found it kept them nice and warm while another reviewer used it to stay warm on their porch swing when it gets a bit chilly out. We love this bag, you can absolutely buy this one with confidence.

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