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Who Needs a Heated Jacket?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Heated jackets (and all heated clothing for that matter) are not exactly mainstream just yet, but it feels like things are headed that way. As batteries have become smaller and lighter, heated clothing has come into its own. You can now buy heated jackets, vests, socks, scarves and even balaclavas.

If you don't own any heated clothing yet, there is a good chance you will in the future. It is not only comfortable and affordable, it absolutely works. It will keep you nice and warm in even the coldest weather for hours.

So who exactly can benefit from a heated jacket? Just about everyone but here are a few things to consider when deciding if you need to put a heated jacket in your closet:

Work Jacket

This is a huge market for heated jackets and for good reason. If you work construction, in a freezer or cooler or any job where you are outside in the cold for long periods of time a heated jacket can literally change your day for the better.

Heated work jackets are their own category with the main players being DeWalt and Milwaukee. These heated coats are not only heated, they are durable enough to stand up to the rigors of a job site and have plenty of pockets for tools and gear. Both the DeWalt heated jacket and the Milwaukee use their own power tool batteries to heat the coat.

In addition to being tough, heated work jackets will keep you nice and toasty. The heat can flow for 6-8 hours and extra batteries are easy and affordable. The majority of these jackets have at least three heat zones and some push that number up to five so you will stay warm and ready to work regardless of the temps outside.

Heated jackets keep your core body temperature from dipping, so you feel warm the entire day. You can keep the temp running on high when the temps dip or drop it down to low when you are super active and don’t need the additional heat.

If your job keeps you out in the cold for hours, a heated jacket is a must. We reviewed all of the best heated work jackets available to find the best 7 for both men and women.

In the Car

Wearing a heated jacket in your car can be a great way to stay warm out on the road and if you break down it can be a lifesaver. A heated jacket can be the perfect accessory if you are on a long road trip in winter conditions, drive for Uber or Lyft or end up unexpectedly stranded somewhere.

In a car you can keep a heated jacket on a low setting so the battery will last for hours, most coats will run for 10 hours on a low setting which means you can stay comfortable the entire time you are cruising the streets.

On the other hand, if you keep a heated jacket in the car when you are out in bad weather it can literally save your life if you end up stranded, in an accident or slide off a road into a ditch. In an emergency, a heated coat can make sure you stay warm until help can arrive which is why it is a good idea to throw on in your car if you are traveling in cold or dicey weather.

There are plenty of heated jackets that are both comfortable and warm while driving, check out reviews of the best heated jackets for 2021 for men and women.

Winter Sports

This is where heated jackets (as well as heated hats, gloves and mittens) really shine. If you love hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, fishing, camping, riding a motorcycle or any other outdoor activity that keeps you out in the cold, a heated jacket can make a huge difference in your performance and keep you doing what you love for longer.

While a heated jacket may be overkill if you are out jogging or running, for less labor-intensive hobbies, a heated coat will allow you to stay outside longer by maintaining your body temperature and preventing your core from getting cold. Most heated jackets will stay warm for 10 to 15 hours on low so you should have plenty of time out on the slopes, on your motorcycle or out in the woods.

Depending on your hobby, heated gloves, a hat or even a heated balaclava may make sense as well. Check out our rankings of heated jackets, vests and socks to really up the heat factor the next time you want to get out in the cold.


Hunting can be a cold business. Whether you are sitting in a duck blind, a deer stand or just stalking game on the ground, it can be a long cold day. A heated jacket can make hunting so much more fun and lengthen your time out in the bush.

Heated jackets will keep your core from getting cold which can be a major issue, especially when you are sitting still for long periods of time waiting for a deer to arrive. The heat can last for hours and some heated jackets or vests have a heated collar which is a huge benefit and will help keep you warm and ready to respond when your prey finally shows up.

Many heated coats and vests are available in camouflage, making them perfect for your next hunting trip.

Sensitive to Cold

One thing we learned reviewing dozens of heated jackets and other heated products is many people use them just to fight off their sensitivity to cold. This is particularly true for products such as heated scarfs, socks, slippers and base layers.

A heated scarf found double duty as a heating pad that easily wraps around a knee, neck shoulder or elbow. Heated socks can be worn around the house to treat chronic cold feet, Achilles’ heel, Raynaud’s, as well as planter fasciitis.

If you freeze at night, a heated base layer might be a great pair of pajamas that are not only comfy but keep you warm all night. If you have a sensitivity to cold or sore muscles that a standard heating pad can’t reach, you may want to consider heated clothing.

The Bottom Line

A heated jacket (or any piece of heated clothing) is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to stay warm while out pursuing their job, favorite hobby or just driving around town. They are perfect for anyone who is sensitive to cold but doesn’t want to let that get in the way of pursing the pastimes they love.

Heated jackets come in a variety of styles making it easy to find one that fits your specific needs. While a heated work jacket might be the best choice if you need a heavy-duty coat, there are also lightweight soft-shell coats for nights out on the town and puffers that are great for skiing or snowboarding.

If you are in the market for a heated jacket you are at the right site. Deep Heat Gear only reviews heated clothing so you can be confident in our reviews. We are your heated clothing authority so take the time to read our reviews, find the perfect coat for you and buy with confidence.

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