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Cleaning Heated Clothing

While electricity, batteries, and water don't typically mix, that is not the case when it comes to cleaning heated clothing. You can wash pretty much any piece of heated apparel at home as long as you follow a few precautions. 

Directions will vary between manufacturers but in most cases, you simply have to make sure you remove the battery, zip the connector cable back into its pocket, and then wash and dry on a gentle cycle. Most heated apparel makers say drying cleaning and bleach will damage your heated clothing so simply wash at home. 

The following directions from Ororo are fairly standard. While Ororo recommends line drying their heated products, other manufacturers (Gobi for example) are fine with their products being machine dried on a gentle cycle.  Always follow the directions that come with your particular piece of heated apparel, as straying from their recommendations will often void your warranty and could ruin your heated clothing. 

Ororo cleaning directions:

Step 1: Disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper pocket. It’s extremely important that you remove your rechargeable battery from your apparel. Submerging it in water will ruin the battry. 


Step 2: Put the connector cable back and close the zipper pocket.

Step 3: Place your jacket inside a mesh laundry bag.The wiring of your heated gear is delicate and requires additional care. We recommend that you put it inside a mesh laundry bag.


Step 4: Machine-wash it on a cold and gentle cycle. Do not use bleach as bleach will damage your heated clothing.

Step 5: Dry it. Do not wring or twist. Line dry your heated apparel or consider laying it flat on top of a towel. Just make sure that you turn it over to the other side every now and then so that both sides dry up.

Do not iron heated clothing as it can damage it.

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