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DEWBU Heated Pants Review

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DEWBU Heated pants hunting.jpg

In addition to the DEWBU 12V Men’s soft shell heated jacket we recently tested we were also sent the DEWBU 12V Heated Pants with fleece lining. While I was a bit skeptical that I would get a ton of use out of heated pants, I fell in love with these things and wear them all the time when I am out. 


These heated pants are wind and water-resistant and so very comfortable. The fleece inner is super comfy and the heaters kept my legs and waist nice and warm regardless of what I was doing. They are also good looking pants, I loved the look and fit, I had full range of motion and could easily run and even jump. 

 These pants are not only stylish and comfortable, but they can hit 140°F which makes a big difference when the temps really drop. These heated pants became (and will remain) my go-to when I was plowing the driveway or shoveling snow. I also wore them when I was out in the garage woodworking (it's not heated) or just going for a walk. They were perfectly comfortable and warm in all situations. I look forward to going skiing in them. 


If you ride a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or other vehicle with a 12V system, you can plug the jacket directly into your vehicle and never have to worry about battery life. I think these heated pants are perfect for anyone who works or does chores outside, rides during cold months, snowmobiles, hunts, or just likes to take long walks in cold weather.


The fleece inner was the big winner for me, I found these heated pants so comfortable my wife got tired of me mentioning how much I loved them. Honestly, you can't go wrong with these pants.  

DEWWBU makes a wide variety of heated clothing and is a well-respected brand in the industry. DEWBU makes a variety of different heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves, and these super awesome heated pants.


Keep reading to see my full review of the DEWBU 12V Heated Pants (Spoiler, it's a rave.)

What is in the box?

The DEWBU heated pants come nicely packaged in a clear sealed pouch. It includes the following:

  • DEWBU Heated Pants

  • 12V Battery with Intelligent LED display and charger

  • User Guide



The Specs


  • Battery/Power Bank: The DEWBU has a high capacity 54Wh 12V CE/FCC certified battery. The battery has an intelligent LED display, so you always know exactly how much charge you have left. It also has a USC Type C port which can be used to charge your phone or other electronics when you are out and about.


This battery heats up the pants within a few seconds so you can get outside quickly. The battery pack is nice and slim and doesn’t weigh too much. It fits in a battery pouch which is located in the front right pocket. The battery does take up a bit of space in the pocket, but the pants have another front pocket and one on the backside, so you do have other pockets for storage.


The 12V battery will keep the heat going for 9-10 hours on low but will drop down to roughly 4 hours on high.  As always, consider purchasing another battery if you are going to be outside for long periods.


12V Connector:  Just like the DEWBU heated jacket we just reviewed, these heated pants use a 12V system which means it can be connected directly to your motorcycle, boat, ATV, snowmobile, or other vehicle that has a 12V connector.


You will have to purchase the DEWBU connector which is sold separately. Using the connector and these heated pants or other DEWBU heated gear is a great way to extend your riding season or stay warm out in the cold without having to worry about battery life.

  • 5 Heating Zones: The DEWBU heated pants have five carbon fiber heat zones that will help keep your entire core super warm when the temps drop, or you are out on the slopes in a snowstorm. There are heat zones located on each thigh and knee as well as one on the waist.

One feature I loved was the fact that the thigh heat zones were close enough to the pockets that they kept the front pockets fairly warm which was fantastic when it got cold outside, and I forgot my gloves.


Temperature Control Switch: The five carbon fiber heat zones on the DEWBU heated pants are controlled with one button located near the right-side front pocket.  You simply press and hold the button on the pants to turn them on and you can then cycle through the three heating levels by short pressing the button again.


Heat temps are indicated by the light color for each heat zone:

Red light = high temp: 140°F max temp

Blue = medium temp:  125°F max temp

Green = low temp:       110°F max temp


  • Washable: While the DEWBU heated pants can be machine washed, as with most heated clothing, it is best to hand wash them. Be sure to put the power cord into the pocket and zip it up to prevent damage.


If you are machine washing these pants, use a laundry bag, and cold water, and do not use bleach or other cleaning solvents. The pants should be hung to dry and should not be ironed, twisted, or dry cleaned.

  • High Heating Temperatures: The DEWBU heated pants can hit 140°F on the highest setting which is 10°F higher than most other heated pants that are available. The higher temp is perfect for colder weather or if you are using them as ski pants, hitting 140°F can make a real difference on the slopes.


When I was just out walking around our property, I mainly used the medium setting and when the temps got a bit warmer, I would drop it down to low. The pants are warm even without the heaters turned on and the fleece interior makes them super comfortable.


According to DEWBUs documentation, these pants will run on the high setting for close to four hours. I found that to be fairly accurate, usually getting at least 3.5 hours.

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DEWBU Heated Pants Features

The DEWBU are the first heated pants we have tested. Honestly, when we first received them, I wasn’t sure heated pants were something I would wear very often but after a week I absolutely love them. They are super warm and super comfortable, the fleece inner is fantastically cozy.

I have not gotten up to the mountains with them but plan on skiing in them in the next couple of weeks and will report back on how they worked. I am assuming they will make excellent ski pants.

Here is a quick breakdown of the features we loved about the DEWBU heated pants:

Look and materials: The pants have a waterproof and breathable membrane built into the fabric which will repel water while maintaining breathability. The side elastic waistband allows a bit of leeway which makes them fit super comfortable. The best part about these heated pants is the fleece inner which is so very comfortable, just fantastic.


Pockets: The DEWBU heated pants are not bursting with pockets but in most cases, if it’s cold enough for heated pants you will probably be wearing a coat or hoodie that will have some pockets.

These heated pants have two front pockets and one back pocket. The front pockets are fairly deep while the back pocket is pretty standard.  The right front pocket is also the storage for the battery, so that takes up a bit of space. While there is not a ton of storage in the pants, I never found it to be an issue as I tend to carry stuff in my coat.


However, if you like to pack your pants full of gear, the shortage of pocket space may be an issue. The front pockets are semi-heated as the heating zones on the thighs are close enough to the pocket to keep them fairly warm which is nice and convenient.

Power bank: The power bank included with the DEWBU heat pants is small and well-designed. It fits perfectly in the inside pouch in the right front pocket, but it does take up a bit of the pocket space.


It is a high-capacity 54Wh 12V CE/FCC-certified battery that pushes out the heat. The power bank heats the pants very quickly and can hit a top temp of 140°F which will keep you nice and warm. The power bank can keep the heat flowing for up to four hours on high and 9-10 on low.


There is a digital readout on the top of the power bank that makes it easy to see exactly how much power is left in the battery. The power bank also has a USB Type-C port that can be used to charge smartphones and other mobile devices which is always handy when you are out.


The DEWBU heated pants are very easy to use. Once the power bank has been turned on, you simply press and hold the button by the right front pocket. The pants will start out on high (red light) while they warm up and will then move to medium (blue light).


Adjusting the heat up or down is just as easy, all you have to do is press the button on the pants again. The green light is low, blue is medium, and red is high. You can turn the pants off by pressing the power button again for about 3-5 seconds until you see the light go out.


The power light is not too bright which we loved, it helps keep the distraction to a minimum and wasn’t too obvious when I was out in a crowd.  

While these heated pants can technically be machine washed, as with most heated gear, it is best to hand wash it. However, if you need to machine wash it be sure to use a laundry bag and wash it on gentle in cold water. Do not iron, dry clean, or use bleach, it should be line-dried.  






How do the DEWBU heated pants perform?

I have been shocked by how much I love these heated pants. They are super comfortable and will keep you nice and toasty out in the cold.


The DEWBU heated pants have become my go-to when I shovel snow, plow, or am just out walking around in cold weather. I have used them numerous times over the last week and a half in temps ranging from the 40s down to the high teens and I was always warm and comfy.


I look forward to getting them out on the slopes in the next week or so, I am confident they will handle the cold and skiing with flying colors. In addition to being warm, they are also extremely comfortable and look great, I imagine they will become my new favorite ski pants.


The elastic on the waistband is an excellent feature that helps keep the heat pants fitting well. I wear a 33 in jeans and the large size heated pants were a tiny bit big, I wore a belt which worked perfectly.


The fleece inner was shockingly comfortable, I love it. These were some of the most comfortable ski pants I have ever worn, and the heaters made sure my legs and core stayed warm when I was out in the cold. The pants were warm even without the heaters and in milder weather I kept the heat off.


As with all heated gear, be sure to check the size guide and measure carefully to ensure you order the correct size.


DEWBU offers a 30-day refund if you are unhappy with the pants or a 30-day exchange on the chance they don't fit right. The DEWBU comes with a 12-month warranty which is extended to 36 months if you register your pants with DEWBU. DEWBU is a well-regarded company so you can be confident in these heated pants as well as their customer service.

If there are any issues with the pants DEWBU offers plenty of ways to get in touch with them. You can contact customer service by chatting online, emailing, or via a phone number.


When the temps really drop, or you are heading out for a day of skiing, boarding, snowmobiling or just a hike putting a base layer on before slipping into these heated pants will up the heat factor.


The DEWBU heated pants are very lightweight and while the battery definitely takes up a bit of space in the pocket, I honestly never noticed the weight of the battery when wearing the pants.


I believe the battery life runs pretty close to what DEWBU claims in its documentation. I have not spent hours running the pants on high but when I ran it for a couple of hours, I still had almost 50% left on the battery. I do believe, that if you are playing on spending the whole day out in the weather you should bring another battery with you.


Deep Heat Gear always suggests taking an extra power bank if you are out in the weather for more than four hours. You can purchase an extra DEWBU power bank or other compatible power bank.


Just like the DEWBU heated coat we recently reviewed, these heated pants have a 12V heating system which makes it possible to plug the pants into your car, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or other vehicle that has a cigarette lighter plug. You will need a DEWBU connection cable which allows you to plug the jacket into your vehicle, so battery life is no longer an issue if the vehicle is running.


I did not test this feature out, as I didn’t have a connection cable but I did read several reviews from drivers and it seems to work well. Keeping this cable in your vehicle is an excellent way to conserve your battery.


These heated pants were absolutely fantastic, and I ended up using them much more than I would have imagined. I love the look and fit of them, and the inner fleece is so comfortable.


The heated pants did a super job keeping my legs and waist nice and warm. I headed out for a walk early in the morning and the temps were around 15°F and my legs never felt cold.

In addition, the pants are water resistant so it doesn’t matter if it is raining or snowing you will stay nice and dry. The pants also fit well and offer a full range of motion, I never felt constrained while walking and I think they will be great for skiing.


My absolute favorite thing about these pants is the heated inner fleece which was so comfy, the heat was an added bonus. While you might not think heated pants are necessary, I ended up loving them and look forward to using them this ski and plowing season.

The Bottom Line

The DEWBU heated pants were absolutely fantastic and are currently my favorite piece of heated gear. While I never thought I would need heated pants, I just loved the DEWBU’s and plan on using them for years to come.


I wholeheartedly recommend these heated pants. You will love how comfortable they are and the heat is an added bonus that will keep you toasty out in the cold.


Another great feature is the 12V heating system that can push the heat up to a top temp of 140°F and will keep the heat flowing for hours. The top temp of 140°F is one of the highest available so you will be nice and toasty when you are out in the cold.


Honestly, there is nothing I would change about these heated pants at this point. The somewhat limited pocket space was not an issue for me and the heat and comfort of these pants were excellent.


The DEWBU heated pants are absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend them. They fit well (make sure you measure), are super comfortable, and will keep you warm while you are out skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, hunting or just walking around in the snow.

Ready to add some heated pants to your wardrobe? 

DEWBU Heated pants hunting.jpg

A few photos of the my favorite heated pants out in nature.

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