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Best Heated Insoles

Dr. Warm Heated Insoles
Thermup Heated Insoles
Actionheat Heated Insoles
Aroma Heated Insoles

Keeping your feet warm helps keep the rest of your body nice and toasty and nothing drains heat away from your core more than wet and cold tootsies. Heated insoles can keep your feet nice and warm regardless of whether you are bombing down a mountain on skis, sitting at the lake ice fishing or hiking through a forest. 

Heated insoles come in a couple of different varieties, some have batteries built into the insole while others have batteries that strap around your leg and connect to the insoles via a wire. While the second method sounds a bit weird, you really don’t notice the battery after a few minutes.

Strapping the battery to your leg means a bigger battery that will last longer when you are out and about. You can get almost 10 hours out of the Aroma Season heated insoles while the longest-lasting insole with the rechargeable battery built-in gets about 5 hours. However, there is no denying that the built-in battery is a bit more convenient.


Heated insoles are not only great for hiking or just walking around town on a cold day, but they can take your skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing to a whole new level, it’s easy to stay out on the slopes when your feet are toasty. Numerous reviewers used those insoles in ski boots and loved them.

If your feet are tired of being cold, slip some heated insoles into your shoes and get out there. There is not a huge selection of heated insoles that meet our criteria, but we have full faith in these four and are happy to recommend them.


Take a look at what we think are the best heated insoles:

Heated insoles

ActionHeat Heated Insoles

Heated insoles are a great way to turn any pair of shoes, ski boots, snow boots or even slippers into heated footwear. These insoles are available in a variety of sizes so they fit perfectly into your shoes and the heat they generate is absolutely fantastic. A wireless remote control makes changing the heat settings quick and easy, however there were a number of complaints about the remote not working well.

These insoles are powered by built in 3.7V rechargeable batteries. The battery can crank the heat up to 131°F on high or around 110°F on low. While you will go through the battery in about 3 hours on high, you can get up to 8 hours on low.

The reviews for these insoles are excellent with just about everyone being pleasantly surprised by the heat as well as how comfortable they feel. Many reviewers wore them for hours while out hiking and could not believe how great their feet felt afterwards. Like other heated clothing, these insoles were a game changer for reviewers who worked in the cold most of the day.

The few complaints involved involved the remote control not working well or in some cases, not at all. Most reviewers didn't think it was a big deal as they turned them on before putting them in their shoes and rarely changed the setting. One reviewer pointed out that the remote must be paired to the insoles which may be why some reviewers had issues. ActionHeat is a well respected company and their customer service team seems attentive and happy to resolve any issues.

Heated insoles

Aroma Season Heated Insoles

The Aroma Season heated insoles use a larger battery that must be strapped to your leg but it seriously ups the battery life. These heated insoles can keep your toes warm for up to 10 hours on low and a whopping 6 hours on high. If you need long lasting heated insoles, these are the ones.

A pair of 7.4V 3000mah Li-ion Batteries provide the heat and the included Velcro shanks wraps around your ankle or lower calf. While this may seem a bit awkard, the majority of users say you don’t even notice them after a few minutes. There are three different heat levels which can be adjusted by pressing a button on the battery pack.

The reviews were excellent for these insoles with reviewers loving the heat as well as the fit. They are thin and soft which makes them comfortable to wear in both ski boots (as well as other boot types) and shoes. These insoles heat the entire foot making sure you stay nice and warm out in the cold. The single negative review involved a defective insole, customer service seems very attentive and willing to help, in addition, these insoles have a 1-year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

Heated insoles

Dr.Warm Heated Insole

Dr. Warm is a well-known brand in the heated apparel world, they also make heated socks and gloves. The reviews are a bit mixed on these heated insoles with most people loving the heat, but the fit can be a bit of a problem. These insoles are cut to size like the rest of the heated insoles we reviewed.

These have a battery built into the insole and use a wireless remote to control the heat levels, so you don’t have to wear the battery around your leg. The battery can push the heat up to 131°F and will last for up to 5 hours on low but the battery will be gone in 2-3 hours on high. The wireless remote means you don’t have to worry about bending down to adjust the heat or turn them on and off.

These reviews were a bit hit and miss with these insoles. The big issue seemed to be the size of the heel. While many reviewers had no issue with them and absolutely loved these insoles, others felt the heel was too thick which made putting them in ski boots or even normal shoes awkward and somewhat uncomfortable.

Heated insoles

Thermrup Heated Insoles

Thermrup is a German brand that specializes in heated clothing. These heated insoles have a bigger battery that must be worn around the ankle (see photo) and a cord runs down into the insole to crank up the heat. While is sounds a bit awkward, most reviewers found that you get used to it very quickly and hardly notice the battery pack.

The larger batteries which are 7.4V lithium-ion batteries generate more heat and will last longer than the smaller batteries other insoles. These insoles use an infrared rubber heating element that is 18 cm long. It will heat your entire foot heel to toe. The battery can crank up the heat for around 6 hours. There is an LED display on the battery that shows the heat level and the battery status.

The batteries are attached to your leg with a Velcro gaiter. The cable can be wound up on the gaiter and the gaiter can be attached to your leg at the ankle, below or above the knee. These insoles are waterproof and can be machine washed and you can purchase extra batteries if necessary. These heated insoles will work in shoes, boots, ski boots and just about any other footwear you want to heat. They are cut to size so you can get the perfect fit.

The reviews were fantastic for these heated insoles with numerous hunters and skiers saying these have been a game changer for them. Once you get the gaiters on they don’t move around and most reviewers say you can’t even notice them after about five minutes. There were the usual complaints concerning defective batteries or insoles, but most issues seemed to be resolved quickly. Some users couldn’t get used to the gaiters but if that is the case you should be able to easily return them.

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