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Heated Clothing Industry News

Check out all of the latest heated clothing industry news. We will keep you updated on the latest innovations, products hitting the market as well as price cuts and sales. 

3/8/2021 - Ravean Introduces Hand Warmer

Ravean Hand Warmers.jpg

Ravean, an outdoor apparel company that designs and manufactures durable and affordable heated jackets and gloves, recently launched its first multi-purpose handwarmer / charging bank. This ecoconscious handwarmer is cork-wrapped and packs a significant amount of heat and power. The 5volt, 2-amp handwarmer/power bank has a USBA charging port which is powerful enough to charge a phone and other on-the-go electronic devices while still keeping your hands warm.

The Ravean handwarmer / power bank is the only device of its kind designed with a unique cork compound, which makes it soft, comfortable and grippy. The cork material also repels moisture and has over 30 percent more heat conduction than other hand warmers. It features a lightweight, high-grade, aluminum housing, wrapped in an antimicrobial cork finish and weighs only 5.1 oz.

The Ravean is powered by two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and offers three levels of customizable warmth. It can keep the heat rolling for up to 8 hours along with 1.5x charges of mobile devices. The design also includes an auto shut off feature for customer safety. We love the look of this handwarmer and can't wait to try one out. 

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