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iHood Heated Jacket Review

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It’s time for our annual iHood review and this year they sent us one of their heated jackets to test out and as with all of their products, we loved it.


In the past, we have reviewed both of their heated vests, the classic, and the detachable hood version, and they ended up being our favorite heated vests. We have been using them out in the cold for a couple of years now, with zero problems so you can be confident that iHood gear will last and help keep you nice and warm for years to come.  

What is in the box?


The iHood comes nicely packaged in a lovely little zipped pouch that includes the following:

  • iHood heated jacket with a detachable Hood

  • iHood 52Wh QC3.0 battery

  • AC Adapter and USB-C Cable - Type-C/Micro 5V/2A

  • User Guide






The Specs


Battery/Power Bank: The iHood heated jacket comes with a 12V 14400mAh capacity power bank. According to the User Guide, the battery pack should keep the heat flowing for roughly 7 hours on low, 5 hours on medium, or 3.5 hours on high.

6 Heating Zones: This heated jacket sports a heating area that is 35% bigger than most other heated jackets. It has 6 carbon fiber heating elements. There is a large heat zone on both the left and right chest, a massive heat zone on the back of the coat as well as waist heat zones on the back. The iHood heated jacket also has a heated collar which we loved, it kept my neck and head super warm out in the cold. The iHood was designed to keep your entire upper body warm which is why they incorporated so many heat zones.

Detachable Hood: The iHood has a detachable hood that can be zipped off the jacket when you don’t need it. I don’t love a hood hanging down all the time so being able to remove it when it’s not necessary is a major benefit.


Water and Wind Resistant: The iHood heated jacket is water and wind-resistant. The sealed seams ensures 100% waterproofing for the shell. The hardened brim on the hood keeps rain and snow out.


Temperature Control Switch: This is one of the features that we love most about iHood products. The iHood heated jacket lets you turn the various heat zones on and off independently only using one button.


Many heated jackets and vests only allow you to turn on all of the various heat zones but with the iHood, you can turn on the chest, back, and waist as well as the collar heat zones separately, allowing you to control the heat levels more precisely and save the battery life by turning off heat zones you don’t need.


The iHood heated jacket has four nubs on the button on the front of the coat. Simply press and hold one of the nubs to turn on each heat zone. You can then adjust the heat setting for each heat zone by pressing the button once. Heat temps are indicated by the light color for each heat zone:

  • Red light = high temp

  • White = medium temp

  • Blue = low temp


The fourth nub at the bottom of the button turns the light on the jacket on or off which is another excellent feature that many other heated jackets do not have. The light can be distracting when driving or out in public so having the ability to turn it off when you don’t want to see it is fantastic. Great job iHood.











Rapid Heating: The iHood is designed to heat up quickly. Once the power bank has been turned on, it will reach the desired temperature within a few seconds. This is a major advantage when heading out into the cold.

Waterproof Zipper from YKK: The sealed seams on this heated jacket ensures waterproofing for the shell and the high-quality YKK zipper will make sure that you stay nice and dry even in a heavy rain. YKK zippers are heavy-duty and designed to last for the life of the jacket.

Washable: The iHood can be hand-washed or washed in a machine. In most cases, hand washing is recommended but if you are washing in a machine, you will need to use a laundry bag to prevent damage to the wiring inside the coat. Always dry naturally, do not use the dryer.

High Heating Temperatures: The iHood can reach 158°F or 70°C on high, which is quite a bit warmer than many other heated jackets. Most heated jackets top out around 140°F and believe me that extra 18°F makes a difference. The iHood is one of the warmest heated jackets we have reviewed. We loved the high heat.

Warranty and Returns: The iHood comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee an 18-month warranty on battery and 2 years on the heating elements.

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iHood heated jacket packing 2_edited_edited_edited.png

iHood Heated Jacket Features

The iHood heated jacket is loaded with features that will keep you warm and protected while also looking stylish out in the cold weather


As I have mentioned in other reviews, I like to carry a lot of stuff with me when I am out, so pockets are a big deal for me. The iHood passes that test with flying colors, it has a total of 12 pockets, so you have plenty of places to stash stuff when heading to the mountains or just out running errands.


A total of 4 interior pockets, one is the zippered pouch to store the battery, means you have plenty of interior space to secure valuables such as car keys, your phone, wallet, or other important items you want to keep safe.


In addition to the inside pockets there are four nice deep pockets on the front of the jacket. While these pockets are not technically heated (a feature we feel all heated jackets should have) the heating panels are close enough that they keep the front pockets warm, making them a great place to put your hands when taking a walk. In addition, there are two on each sleeve giving you plenty of storage space.




















The power bank is a 12V- 52Wh QC3.0 - 14400mAh capacity power bank that can also be used to charge your phone or other electronics. It has 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, and 1 micro-USB port.


The power bank plugs into a USB connector cable in the battery pocket.  The power bank also has a digital read out, so you never have to guess how much battery is left which is an excellent feature that is becoming the standard with most reputable heated clothing.

One of my absolute favorite features of this iHood heated jacket (and most iHood products for that matter) is the ability to control the various heat zones independently.


Many heated jackets and vests only allow you to turn on all the various heat zones at once but with the iHood, you can turn on the chest zones, back and waist zones as well as the collar heat zones separately, making it easy to control the heat levels more precisely as well as save the battery life.


Running just the collar in mild weather became one of my favorite settings, it kept me nice and toasty when a breeze would get a bit chilly. You can also switch off the light altogether which is a fantastic feature you will use more than you think.


This jacket is also machine washable which makes cleaning it super easy. However, as with most heated clothing, this jacket is best hand-washed most of the time, a machine washing now and again is just fine. Always use a laundry bag and do not put it in the dryer.








How does it perform?

This heated jacket is absolutely fantastic and is my current favorite. The fact that it can hit 158°F put it over the top as I love the extra heat when the temps really drop.


I used this jacket quite a bit over the last couple of weeks and it has kept me nice and toasty, and I always had plenty of pockets to store my essentials. I loved the heated collar, particularly on mild days where all of the heaters were not necessary.


 I have gone on hikes with this jacket, shoveled a couple of inches of snow (we haven’t gotten much snow yet), walked around the woods and just stood outside and watched it snow for bit when the temps were around 18°F, I was very warm and was only running the jacket on medium.


I loved the look and fit of the jacket as well. It never felt too tight, and I had full range of motion when I was shoveling snow or walking. I did not get this jacket it out skiing so I don’t know how it performs on the mountain, but my guess is it would make a great ski coat.


After reading through some of the reviews for this jacket, it may run a bit small so make sure you measure and check the sizing chart before ordering.


I never managed to run the battery down zero, but I can confidently say that the battery life is pretty close to what iHood claims. I routinely got over 3 hours on high and close to six when I was on medium.


As always with iHood, we love the look and fit of the iHood coat and the heat it produced was game changing. The larger heat zones and 158°F top temp was fantastic as were all the pockets.

I am more than happy to highly recommend the iHood heated jacket, you can absolutely buy this one with confidence.

The Bottom Line

The ihood heated jacket takes the heat to the next level and it looks and fits great. This is by far one of the warmest heated jackets we have ever tested, and the heated collar is absolutely perfect.


As always, one of my favorite features of the iHood is the ability to control the various heat zones independently. It makes controlling the heat, particularly in more mild weather quick and easy as well as saving the battery.


The detachable hood was also a favorite with me, if the weather looked decent, I often left the hood at home but when the temps really dropped or it started raining or snowing, the hood was a life saver.


The only thing I would add to this coat is actual heated pockets. While the pockets in the iHood stayed fairly warm, an actual heated pocket feels magical when you are out in the freezing cold.


 The bottom line is that I am super happy to recommend this jacket, it will keep you warm and toasty out in the cold while also looking great.

The iHood out in the weather
ihood 2_edited.jpg

Buy the iHood Heated Jacket on Amazon

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