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Best Heated Scarfs of 2022

Qdreclod Heated Scarf
Flexwarm Heated Scarf
Volt Heated Scarf
JoyTek Heated Scarf
UTK Heated Scarf

This year we saw the number of heated scarves in the market head up. While we struggled last year to find more than four heated scarves that met our standards, that number jumped to six this year. This year's crop features a scarf that will hit 149° as well as a couple that bring a more standard-looking scarf into the mix.​

Heated scarves are a great way to keep your neck nice and toasty out in the cold and most of them will crank out the heat for up to six hours.  Heated scarfs also make a great smaller heating pad that easily wraps around a neck, back, or knee. If you suffer from neck, knee, or back pain, a heated scarf may be able to deliver targeted heat relief. 


Check out what we think are best-heated scarfs of 2022:

Heated Scarf

FLEXWARM Heated Scarf

The Flexwarm is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a heated scarf, it heats up in 3 seconds thanks to their patented technology and gets excellent reviews all the way around. This scarf is made from IPX8 waterproof polyester fiber which makes it super comfy while keeping you nice and toasty.

This scarf automatically monitors its temperature 40 times per second for precise temperature control. It has three temperature settings, with the highest setting hitting 131degrees.

The included 2500mAh power bank keeps the heat flowing for up to 5 hours. The scarf itself is filled with soft and lightweight Dupont cotton, which makes it both comfortable and warm for those cold days. The Flexwarm gets excellent reviews across the board with everyone raving about how comfortable it is to wear and the heat it produces. Plenty of reviewers mentioned using the Flexwarm not only as a scarf but also as a heating pad for neck pain making this scarf an excellent choice.

Heated Scarf

Qdreclod Heated Scarf

While the Qdreclod heated scarf has a more traditional scarf look and gets excellent reviews, it should be noted that this scarf doesn’t come with a power bank. You have to supply your own power bank which can be a hassle as well as an additional expense.

​This scarf is made from super comfortable fleece and has a more traditional scarf look than many of the other heated scarves on our list. It can be connected to 5v power bank that can heat the scarf up to 131° on the highest setting. Again, a power bank is not included with this scarf so be aware of that before ordering.

The reviews for this scarf were excellent, with many people commenting on how soft the material is, some comparing it to cashmere. The Qdreclod puts out great heat (once you connect a power bank) with a large heating area and three heat settings.

​We love the look of this scarf, and it would be one of our favorites if it came with a power bank but the fact that you have to supply your own power bank is an issue for us. However, if you love the look and already have a power bank, this is an excellent choice for a heated scarf.

Heated Scarf

UTK Heated Scarf

The UTK is another one of our favorites, it is super comfortable and has the highest temperature of any of the scarves on our list. This is an excellent choice regardless of whether you use it as a scarf or a neck heating pad.

One feature that makes the UTK stand out is the extra weight they add into the middle of the heated area. This heated scarf has 0.4 lb of tourmaline beads which helps keep the scarf in place and firmly on your skin so you really feel the heat. The three settings can push the heat all the way up to 149° which is the highest heat setting we have seen on a heated scarf.

The 5000mAh power bank can keep the heat going for 6 hours on the lowest setting but that gets cut to 2 hours if you are running it on high. The power bank has a USB port that can be used to charge other devices as well.

​The reviews of the UTK were exceptional with everyone loving the heat and comfort. The weight of it on the neck was a major hit, reviewers liked how it stayed in place and pushed the heating element onto their skin. The only complaints were around the life of the battery on high, some reviewers would like to see it last longer than 2 hours.

Heated Scarf

VOLT Heated Scarf

Volt is a well-respected name in the heated apparel industry and this scarf is one of the best we reviewed. It is made from micro-polyester fleece which is not only warm (even with the battery turned off) but super comfortable. It is available in black or grey.

​​This heated scarf is powered by a 5 Volt power bank which gets the scarf nice and warm. When you are not using the power bank to heat your scarf it can be used to charge your phone or other electronics. It’s available in two different colors and has a pull through slipknot design that will push the heat right up against your skin.

This scarf gets rave reviews with everyone loving the heat and how comfortable it is against their neck. This is our favorite scarf, and it is currently on sale, making it a real bargain.

Heated Scarf

Wodesid Heated Scarf

The Wodesid Electric Heated Scarf is a great choice to keep your neck nice and warm out in the cold, or even at your desk if your office is cold. However, this scarf does not come with a power bank, you will need to supply your own, the plug fits most power banks available.

It is made from a densely weaved soft plush flannel fabric that keeps the heat where it needs to be, on your neck. It is available in four different colors and can be machined washed so cleaning it is quick and easy.

This scarf can crank the up to 130°F but how long that heat lasts depends on the power bank you use. The reviews were good but not great for this scarf. Many reviewers were disappointed the power bank didn’t come with the scarf but once they powered it up, they loved the heat and found the scarf extremely comfortable.

This scarf is a great choice if you already have heated clothing or an unused (fairly small) power bank laying around.

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