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Heated Balaclavas

Savior Heated Balaclava
Heat Factory Heated Balaclava
Huggaroo Wearable Heating Pad
Sunwill Heated Balaclava

The choices are extremely limited when it comes to heated balaclavas but we managed to find a couple of choices that meet our standards, as well as two other options for keeping your head and face warm outside or just sitting around the house. 

Heated balaclavas are a fantastic way to keep your head and face warm out in the bitter cold. Both of our choices will keep the heat going for up to 6 hours on a low setting so you can stay out in the cold for as long as you want. These heated balaclavas are not only warm, they are super comfortable, the fleece inner not only keeps the heat in but feels great on your skin.

In addition to keeping you warm out in the cold, a number of reviewers mentioned that they used heated balaclavas to help with migraines so we have also included the Huggaroo which you can heat in your microwave and then wrap around your head to help relieve stress, anxiety and headaches. 

While there is not a huge collection of heated balaclavas  to choose from, we are confident that one of these two will fit the bill. They not only look great, but they also generate plenty of heat so you can keep your face and head nice and warm regardless of the temperature.  

Heated Balaclava

Heat Factory Balaclava

There are just not that many true heated balaclavas available so we thought we would include a couple of options that are not exactly heated balaclavas but would keep your head and face warm. This one has pockets to slip hand warmers in which heat up the balaclava.

This balaclava is made from high grade fleece which is both comfortable and warm even without the hand warmers installed. There are 4 integrated pockets that hold hand wamers which can keep this balaclava warm for up to 10 hours. This balaclava is one size fits all and is available in three different colors.

It gets excellent reviews with almost every reviewer saying it provided plenty of heat and keeps the cold at bay on even the coldest days. There was one negative review that involved the size of the balaclava but this was the only negative review. If you are just looking for a warm balaclava without having to deal with batteries, this could be a winner.

Heated Balaclava

Huggaroo Heating Pad

One thing we noticed when reviewing heated balaclavas and heated scarves was that many people use them to help with headaches as well as aches and pains which is why we included this product. It is obviously not a heated balaclava, but reviewers raved about how it helped them with headaches and even severe migraines. The Huggaroo is super comfy and easy to use. You simply pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds max) and then wrap it around your head.

The soft and luxurious fabric feels great on your skin and the heat will not only help relieve headache pain but drive stress and anxiety away as well. The heat will last for 10 to 15 minutes before you need to reheat it.

It can also be put in the freezer and used as a cold compress if necessary. It is available in an unscented version or this lavender version that adds the scent of lavender to the mix. Huggaroo also makes a neck and shoulder wrap that is extremely popular.

The Huggaroo gets excellent reviews with hundreds of reviewers raving about the relief it provides them when they have a migraine or other muscle pain. Most people loved the comfort as well as the ease of use. Most negative reviews were users who felt it was a quality product, but it did not work for when it came to headaches. If you suffer from migraines or sore muscles the Huggaroo could be the answer.

Heated Balaclava

Savior Heated Balaclava

Savior is another great brand when it comes to heated outdoor gear. Their heated gloves and mittens are some of our favorites and this heated balaclava is another excellent product from Savior.

It is made from stretchy polyester with a thermal fleece inner that is very comfortable and very warm. The power button is conveniently located so you can easily adjust the temperature and the mesh design on the mask helps prevent glasses or goggles from fogging. It fits perfectly under a ski or other type of helmet.

The heat is produced by two heat zones, one on each side of your head which keep your entire face and head nice and warm. A rechargeable 7.4V 2200MAH lithium battery will put out heat for roughly 6-8 hours on low but will drain in around 3 hours if keep it on high the entire time.

Just like the Sunwill heated balaclava, the Savior Heat gets rave reviews. One reviewer loves wearing it while ice fishing saying it stays warm all day long and keeps their face from getting cold. The only complaint involved sizing so be sure to check the sizing guide before ordering to make sure you get the right fit. This is an excellent choice for a heated balaclava and you can order it with confidence.

Heated Balaclava

Sunwill Heated Balaclava

Sunwill is a well-known brand in the heated apparel world. Their heated hat is one of our favorites and their customer service is second to none. They have taken their heat technology and put it in a balaclava.

A heated balaclava is an excellent way to keep your face and head warm in even the coldest of weather. They are great for snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and any other outdoor activity that keeps you out in the bitter cold for hours. The polyester elastane material is super comfortable and will keep the wind out while also being very breathable.

This heated balaclava has heat zones on both sides of the head around the ears. It uses a 7.4V 2200mAh Li-ion battery that can put out heat for 6-8 hours on low. It will eat through the battery in about 2-3 hours on high. It is machine washable but should be air dried. This balaclava comes with a one-year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

This heated balaclava gets excellent reviews from just about everyone that tried it. They love the heat it produces as well as the comfort, many reviewers commented on how warm it kept them, even while cruising a snowmobile in very cold weather. The only complaints were related to sizing so check the sizing chart before ordering to make sure you get the correct size. This balaclava is available in children’s sizing as well so you can keep the kids warm out in the cold.

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