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iHood Classic Heated Vest Review


iHood recently sent us one of their heated vests to test out and just like last year’s model, we loved it. It managed to keep our tester nice and toasty out in the cold while also looking great. iHood has expanded their heated gear lineup to include men's and women's heated jacket as well as heated gloves.


Our tester (this year we had a women’s vest) spend plenty of time outside in this vest, running errands, hiking, driving, walking around the neighborhood, and even slipped it on for après ski after a day on the slopes. In every situation, the iHood did a great job keeping her nice and warm.  


This year iHood has two heated vest options. The Classic, which is the vest we tested, is a super lightweight vest that has 4 carbon fiber heating elements generating heat across the collar, mid-back, as well as left and right chest for core-body warmth.

iHood also offers a more upscale version of their vest that comes with a heated retractable hood and 8 carbon fiber heat zones. The retractable hood vest has heat zones in the collar, mid-back, left and right chest as well as the left and right ears. This version of the vest also features their exclusive 4-in-1 switch control that lets you independently control the temperature in the different heat zones. 


Regardless of which version of the iHood heated vest you choose, we are confident that you will absolutely love how comfortable and warm this vest will keep you, even when the temperatures really drop.


Keep reading to see our full review.

What is in the box?

The iHood comes nicely packaged in a little zipped pouch that includes the following:

  • iHood heated vest 

  • 7.4V 3000 mAh battery

  • USB-C Cable

  • User Guide




The Specs


  • Battery/Power Bank: The iHood comes with a very slim 7.4V 3000mAh capacity power bank. According to the User Guide, the battery pack should keep the heat flowing for roughly 7.5 on low, 4.5 hours on medium, or 3.5 hours on high.​

  • 4 Heating Zones: This iHood heated vest has 4 carbon fiber heating elements. There are heat zones on the collar, mid-back, as well as left and right chest. The iHood was designed to keep your entire upper body warm.​


  • Temperature Control Switch: The iHood allows you to control the temperature of the four heat zones with one button. Simply press and hold the button on the chest to turn on the vest. You can then cycle through the three heating levels by pressing the button again.

Heat temps are indicated by the light color for each heat zone:

  • Red light = high temp

  • White = medium temp

  • Blue = low temp

  • ​Rapid Heating: The iHood is designed to heat up quickly. Once the power bank has been turned on, it will reach the desired temperature within 10 seconds. This is a major advantage when heading out into the cold.

  • Washable: The iHood can be hand-washed or washed in a machine. In most cases, hand washing is recommended but if you are washing in a machine, you will need to use a laundry bag to prevent damage to the wiring inside the vest.

  • High Heating Temperatures: The iHood can reach 158°F on high, making it one of the warmer heated vests we have reviewed. Temps drop down to 140°F on medium if the weather doesn’t require the high setting. Low will often suffice on mild days with a temperature of 122°F​​​

ihood temps and power button.webp
iHood battery pack.jpg
ihood vest button.jpg

iHood Heated Vest Features

The iHood is loaded with features that will keep you warm out in the cold as well as nice and comfy. 

It has plenty of pockets which makes it handy to carry your phone, keys, and other essential items. There are two inside pockets, one is dedicated to the power bank and the additional inside pocket is a perfect place to keep a phone and car keys. 

There are also two zippered pockets (using YKK zippers which are always great) on the outside of the vest. There are both a good size and the zippers ensure that whatever you stash there will be safe and secure. 

The power bank for this version of iHood heated vest is very compact. The power bank is a 7.4V 3000 mAh battery which will keep the heat flowing for up to 7.5 working hours on a single charge on the lowest setting. Battery life drops to roughly 3.5 hours if you are running the iHood heated vest on high.

We always recommend carrying a spare battery with you if you are planning on a long day out in the cold. You can buy an extra iHood power bank directly from iHood or from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the power bank included with this vest doesn’t have any additional USB ports, so you are unable to charge your phone or other electronics, it only powers the vest. The power bank does have 3 LED indicators on the top to show the power left at 35%, 70%, and 100%.

The iHood heated vest is super easy to use. Simply turn on the power bank, and then press the iHood button on the front of the vest for three seconds to power up the vest. The power button then turns red and “breathes” which is simply a slow blink while it warms up and it will then move into the “medium” setting. Adjusting the heat up or down is as simple as pressing the button again.  

One great feature of the vest is the ability to turn off the lights on the power button. While we love the look of the power button lit up (red was everyone’s favorite) it can be distracting at times. Our tester often wore the vest when driving and the power button light reflected on the windshield so having the ability to turn that off was a big advantage. 

 The fact that this heated vest can be machine washed makes it very convenient to keep clean. While it should be hand washed most of the time, being able to throw it in a laundry bag and drop it into the washing machine can be a huge time saver.

How does it perform?

Just like all of the other iHood products we have tested, this heated vest was simply fantastic. It has become our tester's favorite vest and she has been using it just about every day since we received it. 

The iHood heated vest has proven itself in everything from very mild weather, down to the single digits. Our tester took a lovely hike in the snow when the temps were in the low 30s and reported back that she felt nice and warm the entire time she was out on the trail. In fact, she said the iHood vest was like wearing a warm hug out in the cold. 

She also said that she discovered that the best way to really up the heat factor was to put a fleece or other coat on top of the heated vest. She also commented more than once that this vest is super lightweight, allowed her full range of movement, and was very comfortable to wear. 

The iHood vest is made from highly compressible washed cotton, 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, and the whole thing is wrapped in a 100% recycled polyester shell which means it will not only keep you warm, but it will also help the planet. 

We have found iHood products, this vest included, to fit true to size. Always check the size guide and measure carefully to ensure you order the correct size. iHood offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as an 18-Month Hassle-Free Warranty. Their customer service, according to reviews is top notch and they will respond quickly to any issues. The iHood Classic heated vest is available in black and blue. 

The battery life is close but not exactly what the company claims. We got about 6.5 hours out of the power bank on low. We always suggest carrying an extra battery if you are going to be out in the cold for more than four hours.

Once again, we are happy to highly recommend the iHood Classic Women’s/Men’s heated vest. You can absolutely buy this one with confidence.

The Bottom Line

We honestly love this vest and happily recommend it to anyone looking to jump into the heated vest market. However, if we are being honest, we would probably steer most shoppers to iHood’s heated vest with a retractable hood.


The main reason we would recommend an upgrade is that for a bit more money (usually less than $50) you get four additional heat zones, a retractable hood, and the ability to turn the various heat zones on and off. We absolutely loved that feature, it allows you to turn on the chest, back, and collar/hood zones separately. This was great for controlling the heat levels more precisely as well as saving the battery by turning off heat zones not currently being used.


Our tester did mention that she often wears this vest over a hoodie, so she liked the fact that the vest didn’t have an additional hood as the two hoods can get a bit bulky. If you often wear a hoodie under a vest, then the hoodless one may be the right choice for you.


Regardless of which iHood vest you end up choosing, we are confident that you will be happy with your purchase, and we are happy to highly ​recommend this vest.

Ready to buy the iHood? Check out the Men's or Women's iHood Heated Vest and buy with confidence.

iHood Tester Edited.jpg
IHood Closeup.jpeg
iHood Tester Edited 2 (1).jpeg

A few photos of our iHood Classic Heated Vest tester out and about in the vest. 

iHood Classic Vest
iHood Retractable Hood Vest

You can also purchase the iHood heated vest, as well as any of their other heated gear directly from iHood.

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