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  • How is heated clothing heated?
    When it comes to heated clothing there are a few different methods to deliver heat, conductive thread, steel fiber and carbon fiber are by far the most common. They all involve a flexible thread like material that conducts heat. These threads are woven into heat zone of the clothing where they generate heat that radiates around the product, be it a coat, socks, hat and even baselayers.These heat zones are powered by a recharagable lithium battery packs.
  • How warm does heated clothing get?
    While it varies by manufacturer and product, in general, most heated clothing products will hit 113° F on a low setting, 131° F on medium, and up to 159°F on high which means they provide plenty of heat for even the coldest conditions.
  • How long does the battery last?
    How long the battery lasts in your heated apparel will depend on a number of factors and will vary by product and manufacturer. It is usually possible to purchase additional batteries if you need additional time. The following is from Gobi and should give you a general idea of how long your product will stay warm: ​ 3 Zone Jackets: Low - up to 10 hours, Med - up to 7 hours, high - up to 5 hours. 5 Zone Jackets: Low - up to 9 hours, Med - up to 6 hours, high - up to 4 hours. Gloves: Low - up to 6 hours, Med - up to 3 hours, High - up to 2 hours. Socks: Low - up to 12 hours, Med - up to 6 hours, High - up to 4 hours. Beanies: Low - up to 7.5 hours, Med - up to 5.5 hours, High - up to 3.5 hours. Base Layer Pants: Low - up to 10 hours, Med - up to 7 hours, high - up to 5 hours. ​
  • Is there any electrocution risk?
    A common misconception about heated clothing is that it can electrocute you if it starts to rain or otherwise gets wet. This is completely false. It is impossible to be electrocuted by heated clothing as the heating elements run on voltages of 12 volts (the majority of them use 7.4 volts) or less which is simply not enought voltage to electrocute a person. You can safely wear your heated clothing in all weather situations. However, water will damage the battery so do not jump into a river or otherwise submerge the coat with the battery in it.
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